in love with my Chelsea tote!

  1. OK, I just took a week-long trip to California (to Carmel, San Francisco, and the Sonoma Valley), and I took my new Chelsea with me as a travel tote for the plane and sightseeing. It was magnificent. I love the zip top, which makes it easy to go through the x-ray machines at the airport without the contents dumping all over the place, and it fits under the plane seat perfectly. Also, it's just a great size -- not too big, not too small -- holds everything w/o looking like a piece of luggage. Plus, the Damier pattern goes with everything, casual or more dressy. I use it as a work bag at home, and this was the first time I had travelled with it. Highly recommended!
  2. Great report! Hope your trip was a lot of fun. Nice to hear how the chelsea worked for you for travel. That's a beautiful tote bag!
  3. hello gibbs got the chelsea a few days ago went i went to dubai, i love it! dubai has the cheapest lv (the whole place is tax free) i used it as a travel bag too its great :smile:
  4. OMG I am going to Dubai in 2 weeks!! is LV really cheaper there???? :smile:
  5. yup they are how much did you get your chelsea i still have the receipt with me now il compute it and change it into dollars, by the way im from the philippines and it was way lot cheaper than buying LV here :smile:
  6. the chelsea is roughly US$1009.62 when i bought it in dubai a fews ago, pm me if your going il give you the address where you can find LV there is only one in dubai for now, also il give you sa who attended to me, very nice and helpful :smile: i also bought the damier alma, illovo mm, speedy 25, perforated bandeau's, and pochette cles in orange ... if you want the prices of those i still have the receipts would be willing to give you the prices
  7. I have a Chelsea and it is one of my all time favorite bags. Not too big and not to small ... perfect for everyday and travel. It is probably one of the bags that I will never ever part with. Plus you don't see yourself coming and going like some other LVs!
  8. I have this bag too!!! I love it as my work tote and will use for travel as well. You're right, not too big or small. I have the Damier trousse thrown inside in case I need something small to run errands with. Perfect!
  9. What A Nice Trip...It's Such A Fabulous Bag!
  10. I agree with everyone. I just recently purchased this bag. Thanks to Addicted's recommendation :smile: and it's a great size!!! I am glad to see that someone else likes it too:amuse:
  11. I wish they make the straps a little shorter. I secure the straps on the last hole, but it still seems too long for me. I really like the Chelsea, but wish I can have the option of carrying it closer to my arm (looks for classy that way like the Uzes or popincourt haut).

  12. i have seen three women carrying one in the last couple weeks and i think it is such a great bag. i have considered getting it but i have the parioli so can't justify both.
  13. I have this tote, too and :heart: it! I'm so glad to hear more and more people really liking it. I wish it also had shorter handles - I am rather short. It is a stylish diaper bag for me!:flowers:
  14. So nice to hear stories like that!!! I am glad you are enjoying the bag!:love:
  15. I'm definitely thinking of getting the Chelsea as my next bag. Its so beautiful and just the perfect size. Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a good time in the Bay Area. :biggrin: