In love with my Black Baby Cabas.

  1. Hi everyone. Thank you to all who helped me decide on this bag...I love it. :heart: Oh, and I finally got a new camera, so no more blurry pictures. :yahoo:
    Baby Cabas 001 467x350.jpg
  2. Congratulations on your new bag!
  3. Congrats!!!! Love that!!
  4. congratulations!!!! it is a pretty bag, i think the cabas is one of the best chanel bag's design ever!!!

  5. Thanks, shis...I love it more blown up!
  6. congrats, it's my most favourite bag.
  7. Congrats on your new bag!:smile:
  8. yay! we're baby cabas twins ;) i love this bag! it's amazingly roomy and the leather smell is divine!

  9. Me too! :yes:

    Congrats!!! Fabulous Color !:tup::tup:
  10. CONGRATS!!

    I was THIS close to buying one yesterday also! Love it!
  11. Congratulations!! The cabas is by far my favorite Chanel design. It's gorgeous!
  12. Thanks everyone. Your comments confirm my decision even more.
  13. :love:
  14. Congrats! I love my baby cabas too. It's my favorite bag :love:
  15. Congrats on a great bag. I was never that into this style, until recently (I bought one too). It's so comfortable and roomy too.