In love with Mulberry

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  1. Mullbery is a brand which I absolutely adore. I love the leather and how it ages.
    Heard recently that the classics maybe discontinued. Any truth to that rumour?

    I recently bought a medium Lily and I love it so much I want to get another one.
  2. The brand is undergoing some madness.
    As decides how to change bag styles.
    And entire brand "image."
    To better shake its leather money maker.

    Please feel free to let mulberry know your thoughts, about loving classics, also.

    Here are similar threads, to explain.
    Hope helps.
  3. I love mulberry too especially my Bayswaters and lily bags. They seemed to have lost their way a bit and they will lose me forever if they discontinue my favourite classics!!
    What colour medium lily do you have?
  4. I just recently got my first Mulberry, a mini Lily. I plan to get a medium Lily next but if they take the tree logo off of the lock as I've heard they might be doing I definitely won't be buying one
  5. Me neither.

  6. Hopefully whoever joins after Coca will have good sense and bring the tree back!
  7. The tree on the postmans lock is so much classier than writing mulberry. If they remove the tree I am done buying any of their new bags.
  8. #8 Apr 4, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
    I bought it in oak.
    I saw the regular Lily in Aqua and I am so tempted to get that. Also saw it in red (fiery spritz) and it's to die for. I want to get that too. Oh dear.

  9. +1
  10. Wait for the sales in June if you can😁
  11. Will try[emoji1]
  12. If I was on Twitter I'd be tempted to start a #bringbackthetree hashtag!
  13. It could join the #getcocaout someone began on mulberry's facebook page. ;)
  14. Are you on FB? Me too
  15. Oh, no. Someone much more brilliant than am I began that fb #.
    But applauding wildly. :biggrin:
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