In Love With Monogram Groom Line!

  1. Omg I think I'm falling apart. I can't stop looking at my Groom collection. I keep thinking about it when I eat. I keep looking at Groom pictures on the web. Whats happening to me? :sad:
  2. It's a sign that you need to add a few Groom pieces to your collection! ;)
  3. ITA ;):p
  4. Yea, I agree, you need some more Groom!! :smile:
  5. Lol...they are all so pretty to look at!
  6. That's for sure! :yes:
  7. lol. you are being sucked into the lv tornado. the only thing that helps?
    more STUFF!
  8. I always went crazy when cerises and panda launched and I think groom line is cute but didn't want anything from this line. I still think that cerises and panda are more better.
  9. LV is hazardous to your wallet and mental health!:p
  10. I'm the same with pomme vernis!
  11. i heart the groom collection!!!!
  12. Let us know if you decide to get the gorgeous monogram groom line.
  13. i am feeling the exact same way about the groom. i keep on thinking of which piece to get so i won't miss out on it. be sure to share when/if you get something in that line!
  14. I'm also having a little "fixation" with the Red Bandeau now- I've got the yellow cles back in December and I"m in :heart: ...but the Red bandeau....:drool: (Homer Simpson style)
  15. The groom line is so cute - I understand your Lust :smile: