In love with Inferno...can I see yours?

  1. I doubt that I can find anymore inferno from dept store, unless I want to pay above retail for them (or get lucky in those outlet stores). So, before I plunge into the evilbay...can I see all your Inferno bag in all shape and sizes....modeling pics would be great too!
    BTW, you think this print will look ok on a 42 years young mom?:graucho:
  2. i only have an inferno porta, which really isn't a good reference because it shows so little print, and has very few uses, but i do have one thing to say:

    any print looks good on anyone if you have the confidence to wear it!

    work it mama! don't let anyone tell you you're too old for anything!
    i'm only 20, but i'll be rockin tokidoki when i'm 80. guaranteed!

  3. LOL....thanks neeecole!
  4. aww its a cute print for a mom lolz...hell my mom got pirata, amore & spiaggia and i think she's a few years older lolz...

    but yeahhh here's my inferno bella :biggrin:
    DSC00816.jpg DSC00813.jpg DSC00819.jpg
  5. Jessaka, I love your bella! It's too cute!!
    And of course, people should wear Toki at any age as long as they love it and it makes them happy!!
    Inferno ROCKS.
  6. Well, I think it looks great on this 35 year old mom, so definitely go for it!!!! :wlae:

    I have a Gioco and Bambinone and the photos are on here somewhere, I forget which thread. Time to go eat now but I'll post them later!

  7. [​IMG]

    my bella! the second toki i ever got :biggrin:
  8. kkiimm && jessaka-i love your bella's... IPOD GIRL ROCKS!

    i would love more inferno's but they are so hard to find! i only have a INFERNO BOCCE, but i have the IPOD GIRL smack dab in the middle! so it will do...for now!!

  9. i was thinking of getting a bambino like that ^^
  10. Here are mine, although many have already seen them on my Flickr slideshow:p...and yes!! you will look great with Inferno!:tup:
    zucca1.jpg Zucca2.jpg Ciao1.jpg Ciao2.jpg Denaro.jpg
  11. angelic*ruin-i'm so envious of your collection. I only have a bocce... maybe one day i'll find one for a reasonable price in a bambinone. :wondering
  12. i am crazy about that inferno zucca! so many ipod girl devils :biggrin:
  13. [​IMG]


  14. djr0658: I am in :heart:LOVE:heart: with your inferno bocce!! It's such a beauty! Too bad SH inferno bocces do not have anything close to that placement. :sad:
  15. [​IMG]


    I only have pictures of my zucca up right now, but I also have a denaro, and I used to have an inferno ciao :smile: