In Love with Chanel All of a Sudden

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  1. ...So I'm in the process of hunting down my first Chanel. I'm sort of obsessed, and can't believe I don't own one yet.

    So I need your help deciding what bag to get-- I cannot decide between

    Here are my considerations:

    1. Want to be able to wear at hip length
    2. Want bag around the same size as m/l flap
    3. In the future, if I maintain in good condition and want to resell on Ebay, to be able to get most of my "investment" back

    Here are the bags I'm deciding between:
    1. M/L black caviar flap
    2. East West Black caviar flap
    3. Black caviar camera bag
    4. Camelia Flap
    5. Westminster Flap

    What bag would you choose? Thanks so much!!!
  2. For my first Chanel, I bought an east West flap, but as much as I adored the bag I ended up purchasing a M/L black caviar flap as imo it is the Chanel classic and can be worn hip length (depending on your height, I'm 5'5)- whereas the east west could not.
    M/L in caviar does keep in good condition, as long as its looked after
  3. M/L black caviar flap
    its the perfect chanel bag and a must have =p
  4. It will be M/L black cavair flap if it's for me.
  5. If I get the M/L Flap and keep in good condition, and I somehow don't get much use out of it....What % of the bag's value would you expect I could get for it on Ebay?

    I'm also wondering if there are particular Chanel bags that hold value better than others....thanks for any help!
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  7. If reselling is a definite possibility then you can't really go wrong with a m/l flap. Caviar would be easier to maintain but lambskin is also not too difficult to take care of.

    You can't really accurately project future market resale value. There are so many factors involve: condition of bag, colour, age, and you can't discount fashion trends. Right now, vintage Chanel is very desirable but it wasn't so about 5-10 yrs ago.

    Buy what you love and will enjoy using. GL
  8. M/L Black caviar
  9. M/L black caviar flap
  10. m/l caviar. classic flaps hold their value best. caviar is good because it doesn't show wear as much as lamb (which would make the resell value more). from watching ebay auctions, m/l flaps go for quite a bit more than e/w.
  11. Another vote for the M/L black caviar flap
  12. Once again the M/L black caviar flap. Fits your description perfectly.
  13. M/L black caviar flap!
  14. without a doubt, m/l caviar flap
  15. another vote for the M/L Caviar flap