In love with BV all over again…..<3<3

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  1. After taking a break from BV & testing out other brands… I’m in love all over again~!! I miss the quality, craftsmanship and super UuBER soft leather that BV offers. I miss the :huh:Oooh soooo pretty...stroke..stroke…. take a whiff here and there… and {{{HuUUug the bag}}} ) feeling.

    Presenting my new Nero Braided handle tote, Nero makeup case, and a nero wallet (not shown, arriving on Friday). AhHH.. so excited!!! Thanks for letting me share~!

    (stuffed w/ paper)
    Mini group shot
    Just got home, excuse the shabby work clothes :shame:
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this style. :heart::heart:

    Seriously, it has so many features I adore: the braided handle, the relaxed style, the nero-ness. plus, it's big, just like I like.

    thanks for the pics, what a treat tonight to see this post!! :yahoo:
  3. Thanks mundo!
  4. Gorgeous choices, oogiewoogie, and welcome home!!:flowers:
  5. oogiewoogie - I luuuurrrrrve your new BV. :drool: Congrats on the new babies, and welcome back.
  6. Thanks Blu & jBurgh... it feels great to be back~! :yes:
  7. Wow oogiewoogie, great bag! Enjoy!
  8. You know how much I love this style and the Cervo leather!! It's gorgeous in Nero! congrats and it's good to see you here again.

    I like some other brands too and use them sometimes, but BV will always be my first passion in bags.
  9. It's a winner in my book, I have that style in noce and tend to use it a lot in the warmer months. I wish it looked as good on me as it does on you. Enjoy!
  10. beautiful bag and make up case. enjoy.
    please post wallet when it arrive.
  11. I don't know what it is....but there's just "something" about BV.

    No matter where I go....what store I shop in, the agreement among the SA's is always the same.....BV is the "creme-de-la-creme" of handbags. The bags are luxurious, amazingly handcrafted, and superb quality.

    When you look forward and become excited about carrying your handbag, you KNOW you've found the right one!!!
  12. Welcome back oogiewoogie! I love nero and this bag is awesome in it. I think Contessa put it really well - when a beautiful bag like this excites you like that you know you are in the right place! What style wallet are you getting? Can't wait to see pictures...
  13. GTO, LLA, Annie... Thanks so much for all your kind comments.. :flowers:

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions & all your help.. ;)

    Contessa: ITA~!:yes:

    Booker: The wallet is called the &#8220;Zip around&#8221;? I had the ebano zip around wallet a few years ago&#8230; & after selling it on fleabay.. I haven&#8217;t found another wallet that totally fit my needs and held up so well. So why change a good thing.. right? Hahah.. so I repurchased it.. but this time in Nero.
  14. Good to see you back, and congrats on the new items and the weight loss!!
  15. aahhh, oogiewoogie, what lovely choices!! and what is this thing about BV's braided handle? I don't know, it just makes my heart pitter-patter.:P