In LOVE!!! ***Reveal***

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  1. I stopped by LV on Saturday to see my SA and it was super busy. My plan wasn't to buy (much) but just see if something caught my eye. And as it happens every time I fell in love with a few items.

    Wanna see??

  2. I justified my purchase by telling my DH "we'll just call it my birthday present" (like every other time;)) since my birthday is at the end of the month!
  3. Yes please
  4. We'll start small...


    I love the colour! I saw it online while browsing but when I put it in my cart it disappeared. :sad:. Happy to have spotted it at the store. :smile:
  5. Keep it coming!!
  6. :woot: what else??
  7. Love it!!!! Happy early Birthday!!!
  8. Let's see the rest........:woohoo:
  9. I love that charm!
  10. Beautiful charm! What's in the other 2? :graucho:
  11. Next up. I bought a Zippy Wallet in DE late last year and it's fantastic so what do you do when you love another one :smile:


    She's Citrine :smile:
  12. Couldn't agree more! Your Emp Zippy is gorgeous.
  13. I'm all about coordinates so this one matches my charm

    Curieuse Wallet in Amethyste

  14. Stunning..........!!!!
  15. And finally for the big bag