In love, insane, or both?!?!

  1. I think I have completely lost my mind... I have fallen head over heels in love with Bottega Veneta and over the past two weeks have bought not one, but TWO Montaignes - one in noce and the second in nero - both sight unseen (off eBay, which I know is a leap of faith, but I HAD to have them...)

    The noce arrived today and I am head over heels in love... I'm sitting here with it beside me and just pick it up and run my hands over the leather - and walk around carrying it throughout my apartment - every few minutes. I might take it with me to bed tonight... I can't wait until the nero arrives, either. What has come over me?! Two weeks ago I would have thought someone was insane for spending this much on a bag - the most I have probably ever spent before on a bag was about $200. Then I discovered Bottega Veneta. I don't think there is any going back now.

    I know from reading the posts here that the Montaigne isn't as universally loved as some other styles, but from the first time I saw a picture of one I knew it was the one for me... and now seeing it for real I know that is the case. I think it is shaped sort of like a beagle - maybe that is the attraction as we have three of them! And my DH is aiding and abetting me in my new obsession - he pointed out that the noce is just the same colour as our beagles' ears, and then with the nero coming all I need now is a white one to have a full tricolour beagle set!

    Meanwhile I have never had a bag in any colour other than black (I like to blend into the background as much as possible) but I'm seriously eyeing the red, pink and other beautiful colours of the Montaigne... I don't know where this is all going but I'm having a blast along the way!
  2. Welcome to the world of BV.

    You are just simply in love - not insane, cos' if you are, I am too !!!

    Congratulations on your new acquisitions. The montaignes, yes, are indeed lovely. Show some pics please, I can never get enough of BVs.
  3. Welcome to the tPF, and as mlbags said, to the world of BV.

    Congrats on not one, but two Montaignes! I love how your DH is so understanding about your new found love too. Maybe you ought to reward him with some BV of his own :graucho:

    Be sure to post pics, so that we can all share in your happiness!
  4. BookerMoose-congrats on the two new bags. i think the montaigne is a wonderful choice. especially since it can be converted into a tote and can go over the shoulder. there are a lot of pictures on this sub forum of the montaigne both ways.
    as far as getting the same bag in two colors-no worries-many of us including myself have bv bags of the same style in different colors.
    as far as getting another montaigne in a seasonal color you may want to use them a little and wait for the sale in dec/january. also the s/s 2008 trunk show is soon so you can see next seasons colors.
    again congrats and use them in good health.
  5. Many congrats on you new BV's and don't worry about the popularity of different styles, everyone has a BV style that they love! Beware though the BV bug bites hard, I had one BV that I bought 2 years ago and this season I bought 2 more with one on it's way. Love the leather and lightness of these bags!
  6. Hi BookerMoose! Welcome to the BV community. I'm a newbie myself and like you, bought a few BVs in a very short time. I thought I was going crazy too!! You've come to the right place to share your obsession! Everyone here is so caring and willing to help, it's like no other forum I've been a member of! Congratulations on your new BVs! I can feel your joy!!
  7. Well, my noce Montaigne just had its first outing... it was just to the grocery store to buy toilet paper and paper towels, but I nevertheless felt like a million dollars!
  8. BookerMoose: you are just in love, not insane. i would like to think that way at least, otherwise, most of us here are insane. we are all ultimate BV lovers!

    Welcome to the BV subforum and please do post pics of your lovely new purchases.
  9. Ha! I love that! Buying bags to match your dogs. Yes, you are in love, and yes some might say we're all a little crazy, but I think we would all agree we are crazy about BV!

    Welcome to the forum :flowers:, enjoy your gorgeous bags :yahoo:, and strut your stuff when you're buying toilet paper!!:wlae:
  10. Welcome BookerMoose! I love beagles (am a huge Snoopy fan :p). Congrats on your wonderful Montaignes. Please post some pics esp with those cute dogs of yours. Can't wait!
  11. I'm still working on figuring out how to post pictures here, but in the meantime I think I've figured out at least how to add my avatar picture of my three beagles - from left Popcorn, Moose and Booker (three guesses where my user name comes from).

    Pictures of the BVs to come!
  12. Aaawww, how adorable they are!!! Wouldn't Popcorn be jealous having his name left out?

    You can either attach the photos via the "paper clip" button (tPF's preferred method), or upload them through photo holders sites and link them here.
  13. Booker,
    your beagles are sooooo cute! if only you are in singapore! i am sure they will be great friends with Coffee (my shih tzu)! :love:
  14. Another BV lover!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Welcome BookerMoose!!!

    The montaigne is a great choice...and two to boot!!! Wow!

    Action pictures please....:nuts:
  15. .... and my Toby (a Jack Russell) .... !:p