In lieu of dustbag

  1. Hi all!
    Long time stalker - recently joined :smile:
    Coach bags purchased at outlets sometimes do not come with dustbags. I was wondering if you have any clever ideas on keeping them safe? I was considering making my own, but that seems like a lot of work.
  2. I've heard of using pillowcases! (Breathable ones)
  3. ^^Yes pillow cases.

    But every purchase should have that little coach dust bag.
  4. Aaaaaahhh, pillowcases. So embarrassed for not thinking of this before!:shame:
    I bought a black leather hobo this weekend at the outlet and asked about the dustbag. The SA said that only full price items came with them (this was 20% off). When I mentioned that another bag on the same table had a brown dustbag, she said it was because it was a direct store markdown - not sure what that means :shrugs:

  5. It sounded more like she was just being a b**ch. Every bag I have ever bought at the outlet I have always gotten a dustbag.
  6. The dustbags you get at the outlets are not nearly as nice as the ones you get at the full priced stores.
  7. I think direct store markdowns are factory only items (ie. blue wave etc).

    I would call CS and request one though! Just give them the style number of your bag and they'll ship one out.
  8. yeah, she wasn't exactly friendly. They're starting to get to know me at this outlet and I didn't recognize her. Maybe next time I'll ask another SA about it and might be able to snag one.........
    Good to know though - I'll fight harder next time!!
  9. Def follow sprinkles' advice...

    Call Coach CS and they'll help you out. A friend of mine had to request a dustbag for a bag that she bought at a dept store that didn't come with one.
  10. Funny that you got denied like that. I recently accidentally threw out a dust bag when i cleaned out my closet. When I was at the coach outlet on Friday, I just asked the SA (as I was paying for my loot) if she had an extra one that I could purchase from her. She checked in the back and came back with one that she GAVE me.
  11. so i got denied too! and i am a frequent outlet shopper so i was a bit upset. i will def call CS to ask for one though, thanks for that advice!
  12. does EVERY bag come with a duster, or just leather?

    i have 2 little signature pouches and neither came with a duster (and my moms tote from like forever ago...) none have them :sad:

    same with dooney, one came with one, one didn't?

  13. Every Coach bag I have ever bought both Signature and Leather I have gotten a dustbag
  14. hum i got a swing pack from the outlet this weekend and it came with one!! ekk i guess call CS or ask next time you go in!
  15. I have gone to the Boutique and they have been nice enough to give us plenty of free dustbags BUT I went to another one and I asked if she had any she could spare and she was like "No all of our dustbags are accounted for." I was like WHATEVER!

    And one of my friends, that recently just bought her first COACH ever went to the boutique (the same one i went to and got the free ones) and they told her if she wanted a dustbag to buy it off eBay! But with an attitude!!! She was rude to my bud... I hate to think that the SA was being snobby cause my friend is hispanic... because there is ALWAYS a nicer way to say things!!!