in l.a.? nanny pay???

  1. hi

    if you live in l.a. or thereabouts how much do you pay your nanny? i want to be fair and i am paying $12/hour but i am afraid that it is too low! please let me know...

    thanks for helping!!!
  2. Hmmmm, do you mean nanny or babysitter?

    For a nanny, $12 isn't enough, IMO...for a babysitter, yes depending on qualifications
  3. We're rather a way north of you, but our nanny is earning $18/hour plus all taxes, etc., which makes it closer to $22 per hour. That's the going rate for experienced, legal nannies around here, especially ones with agency backing. Some make even more and/or get lots of additional perks.
  4. thanks for the responses. i probably should not have used the word 'nanny' as i am around all day with her - she is more of a mother's helper - as i have primary responsibility for the kids and she is only alone with them for short periods of time... but in any event maybe i should be paying her more!!!