In honor of the 175th Anniversary- Show Me Your Favorite Tiffany Piece

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  1. My favorite pieces are my Victoria Pendant and Engagement Set.



    Please show me your absolute favorite Tiffany and Company pieces (Please limit them to three or less). :biggrin:
  2. love the bezel set victoria pendant!
  3. Gorgeous pieces!!

    Infinity bracelet
  4. All my Tiffany pieces are my favourites as I thought through carefully before I purchased them but if I have to choose, it will be my diamond bow necklace that I bought the day before Tiffany turned 175 :smile:

  5. My infinity bracelet and the rrt bracelet completely in love lolol
    Of course my wedding band !!

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    Happy bday for Tiffany & Co :biggrin: Beautiful pieces ladies, keep them coming!!!

    My favorite piece is my wedding set, Soleste cushion cut diamond ering in platinum & 3 Metro diamond bands (2 18k white gold 1 18k rose gold) all rings in size 9
  7. YAH! Great piece!!!!
  8. Your set is sooo beautiful!
  9. Love the Infinity!!!
  10. As is yours :hugs:
  11. I think my real favorites are yet-to-be-purchased, but so far I'd say my bone cuff. I certainly don't wear it as much as the rest of my jewelry, but I love how it makes such a statement.

  12. Thank you!!!! :biggrin:
  13. The Bone Cuff looks amazing on you!!!
  14. My diamond bow ring!!!
    (lol please excuse the $10 bill in the corner, I had no idea it was there haha)

  15. Sorry for quality of pics. I'm waiting in the car for my husband and bored, thus the crappy cell pics...and of course because I'm not at home no pics of my lucida/lucida diamond/ruby eternity set or the matching voile ring.