In Honor of my 1000th post, INTRODUCING SASHA!!!

  1. So as some may recall, a few weeks ago i was looking at adopting an old dog ( but it didnt work out. i was absolutely heartbroken, but i stopped by a local shelter just to browse and didnt see anything. a volunteer at the shelter suggested that i fill out pre-adoption paperwork, so i did. when i got to the counter the woman told me that they just got in a pomeranian and she is absolutely precious, would i like to see? reluctantly, i said sure and instantly fell head over heels for this little furball. a pom is not the breed i thought i wouldve wound up with, but i just had to have her. so i figured what better way to celebrate my 1000th post than to show off my baby girl, Sasha :love:
    Sasha 003.jpg Sasha 004.jpg Sasha 005.jpg Sasha 008.jpg
  2. Omg... she is precious! Congratulations! :love:
  3. She's adorable! Did they have a guess about her age?

    Bless you for adopting!
  4. She's so cute! I love her!

    She has the most precious face!
  5. Awww she is adorable! Congrats on your adorable new friend and on your 1000 post!!!!
  6. She is absolutely adorable! It looks like she feels right at home :love:
  7. the vet says shes about a year old and she is by far the sweetest thing ever!!

    and yes, she is VERY comfy at my house. she was so scared when i first took her home and as soon as she entered my room, her face lit up, tail waged, and she gave me kisses :love:
  8. Congrats! She's adorable!
  9. Congrats!! She's soooo fluffy!!!! She's foxy Sasha!!! :graucho:
  10. Congrats! she is adorable!!
  11. Aww, she is soo cute!! Congrats!
  12. Best wishes to you and your beautiful Sasha!!!
  13. congrats on the doggy and the dog house broken?:p..
  14. aww, what a cutie!
  15. She's adorable! Congrats!