In honor of Mother's Day, share your COACH gift(s) here!!

Jan 2, 2008
I thought I would start a thread in honor of Mother's Day because I appreciate everything my mom does for me, and I wanted to get something she really wanted! I'm getting her some COACH signature sandals in black... I haven't picked them up yet, but plan on doing so tomorrow...They are on hold right now and these sandals were hard to find... I might pick up something for myself too considering this store is further away and I haven't been to it before! Pics to come for sure tomorrow!!

Share your pics here for either gifts you bought yourself for Mother's Day or gifts that your giving!

Happy Mother's Day to all!! :flowers:


I Need More Cowbell
Jan 26, 2008
My mom is overseas right now, but when she comes back, I have a bunch of Mother's Day gifts for her, including the Bleeker Felted Wool Tote I picked up on sale at Macy's in NYC two months ago (she's a knitter and likes to carry around her yarn and needles in cute bags!). I hope that she likes it. I also bought her a Gucci bag, because she has admired one that I have.

For the past month, I've justified all of my purchases with, "Oh, this is for me for Mother's Day . . ." That was okay, the first few times! My real gifts are the pleated satchel in natural (which I've been carrying for the past week--ooops), an LV key chain (which DH promptly wisked away/hid from me), and possibly, a new pleated satchel (in navy or black, which I will actually receive on Mother's Day). My boys get such a kick out of my love for purses, though they aren't necessarily wild about the shopping-part (that's why I do it for them-hahaha!).

Coachgirl, your mom will love those sandals! I hope that you get something for yourself, too! Lululovebags, that flower bags sounds like it would be perfect for your mama (hugs!).
Jan 2, 2008
well i was finally able to go and get my mom the sandals that i had on hold for her... i know she really wants these, so i hope she's excited for them, plus they were on clearance! sorry these are cell phone pics..



Jan 25, 2006
I too have lost my mom but if its o.k. maybe I could share what my hubby and kids are getting me this year. Since I pretty much do my own Coach shopping, my husband bought me a beautiful diamond anklet that I have always wanted.:love:
For thos who are so fortunate to still have their moms.....give them an extra hug from me!:flowers:


Oct 26, 2006
I am a mom!!! I am getting the frangrance in the limited edition bottle!!! I have been asking my kids for this for my b-day /mothers day (4 days apart) and I had a COACH credit so I picked it up, had it wrapped, gave it to DH so they will think he picked it up fr them to give to me! I was trying to save him money!!! I have to act suprised!!!!

FOR my mom..... Victorias secret...... She so needs a new bra!!!! Sorry COACH


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Feb 26, 2008
Awh what a sweet thread! Sorry to those of you that no longer have your moms! :hugs: My mom doesn't approve of me buying coach (shhhhhhh don't tell her how much I have!) so I have never bought her anything from them YET! I will probably make her some more jewelry/watches or find something special for her elsewhere. I will be going home to see my family (from CO to WI) on the 18th so I will probably give it to her in person. We'll see! Happy early Mother's day to all of you mommies out there!