In Home Surveillance / "Nanny Cam's "

  1. Would you install a Home Surveillance Camera in your home ?

    What do you think of people who do this ?

    How about a nanny cam ?

    Is it a invasion of privacy ?
  2. I don't necessarily think it is an invasion of privacy if you have some concern over someone employed in your home (as long as the camera is not placed in an area where one would expect privacy-- such as the bathroom- etc.). I think anyone who has a concern (such as a nanny or a pet sitter) is more than within their rights to 'watch' said individuals.
  3. If I ever had kids, and hired home help...I would have surveillance. Like sparkle67 said :biggrin: NOT in the bathroom, or the nanny's quarters... but I'd definately get the hidden nanny cams...

    like the freaky teddy bear with surveillance camera eyes and rotating motion-sensing head, LOL... or the tissue box/computer screen/ tv cams.
  4. I don't think it's an invasion of privacy, I think that parents should be able to see who is *really* taking care of their kids.

    If I were a nanny, perhaps I'd be a bit uncomfortable knowing that someone was watching; but I would also behave!
  5. If it's in YOUR home and not in a private space {bathroom or employee's personal quarters} then to me it's not an invasion of privacy.
    If I felt the need I would definitely install one. I luckily don't see a need now. I have a Nanny 3 days/week. But not because I can't take care of my kids, but because my DH travels 3-4 days/week and I need a little help.
    I'm here at least 50% of the time w/ her.
  6. Heck, I have external cameras, internal ones would be the next step if I had children.
  7. We have a surveillance camera right in front of our front door. We decided to install it because we had lost a lot of packages left in front of our door. For some reason, the postman just loves leaving packages in front of our door even though a lot of these required signatures. We had complained to our local post office, but nothing had changed, so we decided to install a camera to see who had been stealing our packages. We did catch a neighbor's teenage kid one time :sad:
  8. I think it is a must. I heard tons of stories from my friends about live in nannies they had. One of them left the baby alone and decide to put on a workout tape for an hour white the baby was in the other roomy playing with its toys. The child can choke on a toy, hit his head, etc etc.

    Other more severe cases can include the nanny being violent or ignoring the baby.
  9. I probably wouldn't because I am here most of the time and my kids are also old enough to communicate issues- and generally narrate all happenings of their day as is. :lol:

    I think you could also inform the nanny that there are cameras and that you use these to monitor and have security on the premises. That would be a little more upfront.
  10. If I ever had kids, I would definitely install the cams.
    I would want to know if my kids are being well taken care of, getting everything they need, and that there is no violence or something going on thats not supposed to.
    Its not an invasion of privacy because its your own home.
  11. I've been home with my daughter since she was born so I have never needed one. But I certainly see why people use them. And if I would have ever needed a nanny, I would have gotten one for sure. I would do anything for the protection of my child and if that would have meant installing hidden cameras in my home to see what's "really going on" while I'm gone - then so be it.
  12. Invasion of privacy. To be used only with notice that the person is being filmed and consents to it. If they do not consent, that tells you something right there...
  13. I do not believe it is an invasion of privacy when it is in your own home. We openly used surveillance cameras with my mom to make sure her nurses were not neglected. And now that I have a baby, and a nanny, I have considered getting a nanny cam and would not provide notice.
  14. I can see why parents would want to install one although I still feel funny about the subject. Not sure why.
  15. Never mind just installing a camera in my home. If I could get away with it, I'd install a camera somewhere on my KID!! This way I could see everything they do all of the time!