In HK right now....Which store should I visit first??

  1. Well....I am in HK doing some visiting and I thought maybe I should visit a store to get my very first LV piece. So any suggestions??:confused1:
  2. I was in HK last month and most of the LV stores I visited were incredibly crowded. The one at The Peninsula arcade (Kowloon side) is less so. If there is a line, it isn't too long, and there are enough SAs that you don't have to wait much either. Plus you can take a nice break from shopping and have tea at the Peninsula Lobby:smile:
  3. My FAVOURITE store is LV Landmark (Central)-three stories of LV goodness :drool:

    In terms of staff though, the staff at Pacific Place (Admiralty) are amazing. If you want to have the best experience ever you should go there.

    Lee Gardens (Causeway Bay) isn't the greatest, I've been there 4 or 5 times while I was in Hong Kong and I was ignored 3 of the times I was there.

    The two LVs in Kowloon are the worst. Peninsula gives super crappy service and the Canton Road one is always super crowded and I heard the staff there is really stuck up too.
  4. I just came back from HK 2 weeks ago. I visited EVERY LV stores in HK and I have to tell you, I find that every single store looked down on me and never uttered a word or even bothered to help me. They kept looking down on me and whispering to the other sales associates. I finally bought a Speedy 40 from the Pacific Place mall and the sales associate acted like she was doing me a favor when I handed her my credit card. Nice huh?