In general...which are the widest?

  1. MBs, CLs, or Choos? I know they are are very slim :sad:.

    I have a wide foot and have no problem wearing a bigger shoe with an insert to get a toe box wide enough. I want a pair of sexy heels - which brand should I try first?
  2. **In general** MB's are cut the widest of the three.
  3. I agree but they are still on the narrow side. I find Prada tends to run a little wider than most designer shoes. They may be worth a look.
  4. I've actually found that Choos are the widest... they are actually COMFY for me, and I have pretty wide feet (essentially shaped like triangles... no straight/narrow feet here!!!). Oddly, the pointy-toed Choos are wider IMO than the open-toed ones - e.g., I'm normally a 7.5 or 8 in "normal" brands like Charles David, but I am about a 39.5 or even 40 for the open-toed Choos, but a 38.5 or 38 for the pointy-toed ones. Funny how sizes vary so much!!

    With me, Manolos really depend on the cut.... if they're sandals, tend to be wider...
  5. Manolos? My feet are normal width and a size 5. In Jimmy Choo's I need 5.5 or 6 in some shoes. In Louboutin's I range from 5-6 and the only shoe I have tried on in Manolos (patent mary janes SJP's shoes) I need a size 5.
  6. Manolos are the widest for me. I have really, really skinny feet and I've found CL and Prada actually fit the best. Choos can go either way.
  7. :wtf: My big toe is a size 5!
  8. Thanks for the replys!
  9. Choos in my experience.
  10. My feet almost sound like your "triangles." I am a smaller size in closed toe, closed heel shoes in most CLs.