In Flight Internet: Grounded For Life?

  1. Lufthansa used to have in-flight internet and it was great!!!!
  2. I think its a good idea, but people actually forget how fast a plane is going, so that makes it harder to get a full connection. Which would make the internet suuuuuper slow! :yes:
  3. Good point trolley!!!!
  4. Internet access definitely shortens a flight but I can see the problems!
  5. I would be concerned about people viewing porn online while on flights. I certainly would not want to be sitting next to that.
  6. I think its a great idea but at the same time, I wouldnt want to be sitting next to someone typing away on his laptop the entire time, or even worse the whole cabin especially if im trying to get some shut eye. I could imagine someone chatting away and all I can hear is the ping of his getting a new message!
  7. Same here. but then again, I have to be tranqued to the gills just to get ON an airplane so I'm usually asleep by the time we hit cruising altitude.:p
  8. Yikes....I type on mine the entire trip because I am usually working on a paper or something! The volume thing would need to be controlled....although right now mine talks to me to tell me what time it is :smile:
  9. I would love the internet to work in flight. I would think it will happen at some point.
  10. I am probably in the minority but I am happy there is no internet on planes (at least the ones I am on). For once it is nice to take a break and read a book or snooze (or whatnot).

    Besides.. it will probably be a pay service anyhow and I refuse to pony up for that. :nogood:

  11. me too. i'm far too attached to the internet at all other times, it's nice in a way that i'm forced to take a break every once in a while :lol:
  12. This would make flying so much easier! Especially flying to places that take 12+ hours...
  13. its definitely something new. although when I travel, i bring loads of trashy celebrity magazines. lol