In doubt...

  1. My birthday is coming up ( ok, not untill January, but still! :shame:smile: and I have to decide what I should get for myself.

    The LV Manhattan PM or the Doumo? I don´t have anything in mongram canvas or daimer - and I´m in doubt, so I thought I could use u guys´input and help, please - what do u think?
    Manhattan PM.jpg Duomo.jpg
  2. hmm... this is a toughie!! As much as I love mono.. I think I would pick the Duomo! :smile:
  3. manhattan all the way
  4. Duomo out of those two; otherwise, Trevi or Damier Neverfull MM when it's out! :tup:
  5. Yea, very hard decision. I first fell in love with the Manhattan but then I went to the LV store and saw the Duomo irl - so nice! The picture doesn´t show it well, I think. But uhh, I don´t know....

    Guess I have to get them both in time....:p But which one first...
  6. The Manhattan is beautiful! And I'm more a Mono girl so I say Manhattan PM.
  7. Yes, the Trevi is very nice too! But I don´t think they have it here in Denmark yet - but then again I don´t have to buy anything untill January ;)
  8. ^^ By January, they will have it. :graucho:

    But, out of the two, I would probably pick the manhattan since you don't have any mono.
  9. Duomo!! I'm thinking about to buy the Duomo, or the Knightsbridge or Triana. I'll go at the store in the next time to have a look at this 3 bags. I would have a look at the Trevi too, but I think its too volouminos, too bulky for me.
    I don't like the Manhattan line, because for me it's too much "gold" and too much pockets - I don't like that. But the Duomo is very classy and elegant, I liket that bag very much!
  10. Luv the manhattan.
  11. Manhattan!!!!
  12. No, I´m new to LV - and I only have one, the Mc Priscilla - the rest of my collection are Mulberry, but now I´m in the market for something different:p

    Quess they will have it by then - or the Hampstead, that one is nice too....
  13. Hey, one gotta love a LV bag designed by Marc Jacobs!:tup:

    Let me know what u decide then:smile:
  14. The Hampstead is really very nice, but it have an open top, what I don't like so much! Good luck on your decide, ant let us know, what you picked up!
  15. Both are stunning .. when I looked at the 2 at my boutique my SA said he thought I'd like the Manhattan better because he thought the Duomo is harder to get in and out of.