in DESPERATE search

  1. For the Carly in the Khaki/Gold!! I've called 20349 stores and cannot find a single one! if you have seen one ANYWHERE please let me know! I need this bag. it's pretty much life or death.
  2. Have you checked eBay lately? I thought I saw one a few days ago!
  3. There are several medium and demi's on eBay... what size are you looking for?
  4. Just wanted to add, there are obvious fakes on there as well... make sure you post it on the authenticate this thread if you are unsure!! :tup:
  5. I'm looking for the large size! The only large one i saw on ebay was in C+ condition meaning quite used. I want to avoid extremely used if possible and unfortunately the mediums are just too small for me :sad:
  6. Good luck! i have a large khaki/gold Carly that I absolutely love!