In desperate search of cute keyfob... HELP!!!

  1. I was in Las Vegas this past Christmas, and my cousin took me to the Coach Factory Store on S Central Pkwy where I bought a FANTASTIC Signature Mini Wallet for a GREAT price... but that's not why I'm posting this thread... lol... While I was in there, I saw a SUPER cute keyfob, but being dumb I thought, "Hmm, that's cute, but I don't need it..." Well, ya know what, it turns out I DO NEED IT!!! And I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE. I'm sure it was from last season, if not older because it was already back at the factory store at the factory price <~ I know, it was ON SALE, and I didn't buy it... what was I thinking!?!? Anyway, I was wondering if maybe somebody here knows where I can find one, if I still can. It looked JUST like the tags that Coach puts on all of their bags. It even had the beaded chain like the ones on the Coach bags. It was silver and filled with itty bitty little diamonds. I feel SO stupid for not buying it at that time... it was only like $20!!! Ugh, i'm an idiot... anyway, if anyone knows what I'm talking about and/or knows where (or even IF) I can still get one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!!


    M. :sad:
  2. Sorry I can't help, I don't know where you can get it but I totally feel for you! :yes: The next time you saw anything on sale that you are undecided, just get it! You can always sell it later if you don't need it. :p Lol...
  3. Oh my goodness, Purse-O-Nality... THAT'S IT!!! Thank you SO SO much!

  4. Lol... no kidding... I'm never doing that again!

  5. Try posting up the auction in "Authenticate This! Coach" thread and get some Coach experts to help you authenticate it?
    I gotta say, that keyfob is GORGEOUS! I love the little rhinestones on it! :love:
  6. The outlet at San Marcos has had these before.
  7. Thanks! Will do!