In desperate search of a bag...

  1. Ladies,

    Hello to all, this is my first posting and I come in need of assistance! I saw a bag the other day on another momma at my daughters school, and I LOVED it. Now I can not find it anywhere...not sure if its an older Coach bag or if it was...gasp...fake. :wtf:

    I will describe as best as I can, as this will be my first Coach purchase.

    It was a large hobo style, signature brown/chocolate fabric with two big pockets on the front. Super slouchy.

    I have seen the white/snakeskin tortilla bags, and they are close, but I have yet to stumble across it in the signature fabric like she had.

    Any help would be much appreciated...I am pretty excited about this new world of purses, my husband uses the word obsessed but he should get with the program soon!

  2. hmmmmm......was it large C's or little c's on the signature? was their leather trim? what color? approximately how big was it?

    was it a rounded hobo style?
  3. It sounds like the Mandy. I :heart: that bag too !
  4. there is no chocolate brown signature mandy

    was the sig a light brown with dark brown C's?
    Did it have black leather trim? If so, then yes, prob a Mandy

    was it like this?
  5. I believe they were large C's...not sure about the leather...but I am pretty sure it was the basic light tan with the dark brown accents.

    Size...hmmm, it fit right under the arm but was wider than her body...I would compare it to the Ergo Large Hobo.

    I will confess I fell in love with this bag in about 2 seconds, as she walked past me, and have been searching ever since. I considered running after her, but thought she may be frightened by my craziness!:yahoo:

    Thanks for taking this as seriously as I have been, no one around my house really seems to care about my search!

  6. was it this?
  7. Not quite, I am sure the pockets were on the front.

    Does anyone have a picture of the Mandy being carried? Does it look more "hobo-like" when it's not stuffed?

    That may be it...but I swear it looked like this one too...