In desperate need of these...

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  1. I'm obsessed with the legacy stripes and would love to find the following items...

    legacy coin purse 92038


    legacy wristlet 40231


    and the legacy coin purse wristlet? heres the pic but don't know the style #..i got it from the reference thread


    if anyone see's these at their outlet/boutique or even ebay let me know or pm me. i pretty much have most that i could find on my watch list on ebay. i called JAX about the first two and they are sold out :crybaby:

    and for the last item can someone tell me the style no. please...thank you!!

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  2. I saw the wristlet at the outlets in January.
  3. ebay for the wristlet
  4. anyone know the style no. for the last one?
  5. I just got the wristlet at my outlet last week, you might luck out if you go to one :smile:
  6. which outlet did you get yours?