In desperate need of some direction/advice/input!

  1. Hello lovely Chanel ladies!

    So. Here is my dilemma.

    I recently purchased a white classic flap from the boutique. It is beautiful- the perfect shade of winter white. I was also planning on purchasing both the black GST with g/h as well as the black caviar east west with new chains.


    I won't be able to purchase both items. SO. I have to decide which item to get in the next couple of days.

    I COULD return the white flap and get both the GST and the black EW flap.
    I could also just get the flap and the GST.
    I probably WOULD NOT opt for both flaps- the GST is pretty much a definite.

    What should I do? I'm torn because of several issues.

    1. It's a WHITE flap! It's WHITE. It's beautiful but would black be a better option? (But then again, what if white is just the perfect neutral? And this white is just so perfect!)
    2. The new chains may not be returning next season.. and then I will have missed out. :crybaby: Plus sheannabelle and SympathyDuet's pictures are driving me insane. I want it, I need it!
    3. PRICE INCREASE. I don't want to "miss out" and then have to get the same item for $300-$400 more.

    This is my collection so far:
    - BLACK Diamond Shine Flap
    - BLACK Baby Cabas
    - NAVY vintage tassel caviar bag

    What should I doooooooooooo?
    Please help. Direction, advice. ANYTHING. I need it. I'm going to go see my SA tomorrow!

    :heart:, Joie
  2. i would return the white flap and get the gst and e/w. that's just me, because i can not do white bags.....
    good luck on your decision
  3. i say keep the white! and then get the caviar east west !

    the white's a staple, i can't imagine my collection without a white (mine's an off white, but i'm thinking of getting a white)!

    is your white flap in caviar? if it is, then there's nothing to worry about. just clean it occasionally and be a little more cautious and you'll be fine!

    it's a beauty!!! xoxo
  4. Since you've got other blk bags too get the e/w with the new chain and definitely keep the white! I think since it's a winter white it would make the difference to all blks around!You can get the GST any time!:yes:
  5. I would keep the white classic flap and buy the e/w with new chains. (May not come back next season).
    The GST will always be around later.

    Now comes the argument.. How about the fact that I would probably use the GST FAR MORE than both flaps? The GST could be an everyday bag. The flaps would not. I'm still a student!

    Decisions, decisions...
  7. i say will keep the white. because its such beauty and its neutral color. my chanel collection wont be perfect without chanel white bag. :p. but that just my honest opinion... and get the e/w with new chain. i could careless for gst. they will always be around and often listed on eBay ( used bag with little lower than retail.).
    good luck with your decision!!
  8. i would get a bag that i could use, so i would vote gst over the e/w, which i find to be super cute but not very functional. if you do not have white bag phobia (like i do) then i would also keep the white flap. i saw someone carry it yesterday and it looked very chic. so if you could swing it, i'd say keep the white flap and black gst.
  9. I am not a GST fan for myself, but think it looks great on others. If you will use it alot, buy it and forget the black e/w. You have other black bags. And for the price we pay, you should get a bag you will get a lot of use from.
  10. ^^^LOL Larkie. We posted at the same time.
  11. The argument about functionality always drives me nuts! We're paying so much money for a purse- should it really be an "everyday" purse? I mean, I could just use a longchamp for that! I never know if I should get a more "special", less-used bag for the money so I can really cherish it and appreciate it or if I should get a bag that I use all the time, like my signature piece.

    LOL food for thought :biggrin: Thanks for all your input, ladies- keep'em coming!!!
  12. ^^yes, i'm definitely guilty of indulging in impractical bags now and then. Lord knows python and croc are not practical but they are my signature pieces, so i know what you mean Joie. So the only advice i can give that's worth listening to is to get the bag that your gut tells you is the right one. It's fun to get opnions from the lovely ladies here but you are paying for it, so make sure it's the one that tugs at your heartstrings.
  13. I would keep the jumbo white caviar flap and also get the east west but that's because I'm a flap girl! I would go with your :heart:
  14. I feel your pain. I personally have lost sleep over dilemmas like this.
    Well, I heard the bijoux chain will not be back. I must say that I love it because you never have to worry about any intertwined leather getting sliced, worn, etc.

    So for starters, I would say definitely get the e/w with Bijoux chain (if you can locate one). I find it to be a very practical bag for me because it still holds all of my essentials, and it also transitions incredibly from a day bag to an evening bag. For that reason I find it versatile.

    Honestly, I would also keep the white flap, opting for that over the GST. I know you said that you would likely not get two flaps. However, they are SOOOO different. You already have a black baby cabas, which is a tote.
    If I were in this same dilemma, that is what I would have chosen to do.

    On the otherhand, you indicated that the GST is "pretty much" a definite (I am trying to take into account everything you are saying....LOL). If that is really the case, then it comes down to just one more bag : either the white flap or the black e/w.

    You noted some pro's and cons in your post already. I think you may get more use from the e/w. At least it will ensure that you get the Bijoux chains. The white flap with classic chain will always be around. Even if you have to pay more for it the in future because of the price increase, it is still easier to dish out more bucks and get a bag that is readily attainable, rather than to try to find a bag that you know will be an impossibility to find. Personally, that would give me piece of mind.

    Let us know what you decide. I feel for you!!!!
  15. Oh SympathyDuet!!!! Your input means a lot to me because its your pictures that drove me over the edge! It is such a gorgeous gorgeous bag and up until now, I thought I had made a decision but now I have no idea again. I was going to opt for the GST and forgo the EW but I am so torn because I know that the bijoux chains won't be back (my SA confirmed it for me today when I called her for the fifth time, haha) and I also know that both the white flap and the GST are readily available bags. Yes, the price increase is a problem and maybe I would not use the EW as much as the GST but then again, I don't want to be so swayed by price as much as how I feel about the bag!!

    I also feel so pressured to make a decision now because the EW is not an easily found bag. It is already completely sold out in Saks stores (I trust my SA but if anyone hears otherwise, PLEASE LMK!!!!) so I feel like I need to make a decision NOW NOW NOW. I was considering it a couple weeks ago and it WAS available then and now I am so sad I didn't just bite the bullet earlier. GRRR.

    LOL Thanks for letting me rant and thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it and I will DEFINITELY let everyone know what I decide.