In desperate need of help!

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  1. So I sold a coach purse on ebay and shhipped it to the buyre..She now sent me this email:

    "Good eve. 2 things> I received the bag today, thank you for the quick shipment & nice packaging..BUT this purse IS NOT in Great Condition as stated in your listing. It is full of stains, scuff marks, and needs some serious cleaning......I would like to send it back and get reimbursed for the auction/shipping/shipment back to you. Thanks, Steph"

    What should I do? I never said the bag was new. In addition, the bag was not filled with stains and scuffs how she is saying it is.

    Thanks for all your help..
  2. Can you post a link to the auction?
  3. Request contact information and if anything is not accurate, get her suspended. If it all is fine, I would agree to accept the return but NOT refund shipping and she has to pay for the return shipping herself and ONLY on the condition that she leaves you positive feedback. Now, here's the thing - DON'T email her any of this. Pick up the phone and call her. People are much more cooperative when they are speaking to a real live person, Plus, you don't want a written record of having required her to leave you positive feedback. Really - did she expect an immaculate coach bag for $95??? Just another unrealistic buyer that probably realized she needs the money back in her account to cover her rent next month... I had a conversation with my credit card processor yesterday and she said they are experiencing a very large volume of chargebacks because people are having buyer's remorse and trying to get their money back on purchases due to the economy. That's not your problem and you should not have to deal with this as I'm sure you have bills to pay as well. Based on the number of bids you had for this, you'll be able to sell it again quickly - But - Make sure to put in your listing that it is "Not new" and shows "some minor signs of wear" and just reiterate that "all sales are final, absolutely no exceptions so ask all questions and request additional pictures before bidding". Good luck.
  4. You did state in your auction GREAT CONDITION. I think you are both at fault.
    You should have shown more pictures - of the inside esp. and you should have pointed out ANY flaws in the bag -- even if they seem like not much, some people are very picky.

    But she also should have asked for more pictures before buying.

    Perhaps you didn't notice the stains that she is speaking of -- I would ask her to send you a picture of these 'stains'.

    If it did have ANY stains or scuffs then you are responsible as you didn't tell her. I would then offer her a small refund.
  5. You can't do this - it is against ebay policy to use Feedback as blackmail.
  6. Thank you so much ann9999 for your response..I was really bummed about the whole situation...Actually since day one of me posting this bag she asked me if I could just cancel the auction and put a buy it now for $50...I think she regrets paying $95...So this is what I wrote to her:
    Hi Steph!
    I'm really sorry for the misunderstanding...The item is used and I never stated that it was new. As far as the bag needing some serious cleaning? I made sure to inspect the purse to make sure that the purse was in "great conditions". However, if you are not happy with the item I will give you back a refund minus shipping and ebay fees once the item is back in my posession to make sure it is in the same conditions as sent =)
    Does that sound good with you?
  7. I wouldn't try to take eBay fees, since if you issue her a refund she should agree to do a mutual withdrawal and then eBay would credit your the FVF but not the listing fees.

    Did you ask them for pictures of the stains, etc... ?
  8. Oh ok. I was not sure if ebay would refund me. Thanks!
    I did not ask for pictures...Should I? Or is it too late?
    Thank you all for your help!
    You have no idea the headache this is causing me. =(
  9. I have actually had the exact same thing happen to me before when I sold a Coach bag and matching wallet for $90. I sold it that cheap because the suede was somewhat worn and a little discolored but, the buyer wanted a refund because, she thought it was MORE worn than I stated even though I stated that the wear on it was worse than the pictures showed because I couldn't pick it up in my photos very well.
    I had her ship it back at her own expense and I refunded her minus original shipping cost which I am kind of happy that I did now because after some work on the bag, I have gotten almost all of the wear to disappear on the suede and the suede now looks great and I still have the bag and occassionally carry it.

    The bag you are selling would be a GREAT spring bag and I think you won't have a problem reselling it if you were to list it again. You could always send a 2nd chance offer to the 2nd highest bidder.

    You are going to have these kinds of buyers when selling on ebay. Sometimes, your idea of the condition of an item may be completely different than your buyer. Just remember to try to take as many pictures as possible even if it costs you a little more for listing fees and always try to describe every possible thing about your item because something that may seem like no bid deal to you may be a bid deal to your buyer.

  10. If you resell it I would have it cleaned and I would make sure to take pics of any wear and tear on the purse before listing it. I know that fabric can easily stain and I bet it did have one or two small stains on it and maybe you just didn't notice. I know you listed it as used and both seller and buyer should have had more communication then happened. You live and learn.
  11. Descriptions of wear on a bag are so subjective - one person's "great" is another person's "fair". Each aspect of the bag that shows wear wear should be documented and photographed, e.g. worn corner, stain, pen mark, loose thread, scuff etc. You did not say the bag was new but I couldn't see where you said it was used. If it was me, I would offer a full refund and compromise on the shipping cost - perhaps offer to refund her the shipping she paid you but require her to pay her own return shipping costs.
  12. Next time, take pics of inside and outside and disclose any defects, if any. I always ask if there are any stains, dirty areas or worn areas on any bag I buy whether it is new or pre-owned.
  13. Thank you all for your help. This is definately a learning experience. I will be more detailed next time. Thanks again. :smile: