In Desperate Need of Damier Advice!

  1. hey guys! im after suggestions for my next damier. I need a shoulder bag thats big enough to put files in (similar to a BH) but in Damier. I cant seem to find one anywhere. Do they not exist??


  2. There are some new Damier bags coming out this spring, one is the Hampstead. You might check that out to see if you like it!
  3. you could use the saleya MM/GM, damier chelsea or damier Uzes if you need it right now
    or, wait and in april there will be the hampstead and then MM/GM it think will be great for your needs as well....
    good luck and hths!
  4. agree with cutiepie, i am waitlisted for the hamstead and it looks great from the look book pics! theres 3 size, pm like reg batignolles, MM like BV and GM which looks huge!

    I say get down to LV asap and get on the waitlist!!!
  5. What about the Saleya MM?? Thats a cute bag!
  6. I'm on the waitlist for the Hampstead! I love the Damier pattern and the LV plate just sets it off.
  7. Ya, similar in style to the Batignolles would have to be the Hampstead...... However, I'd say it's more similar to the Vertical than Horizontal.

    Otherwise I think the Saleya MM/GM is another great option (and more roomy too imo). Good luck :biggrin:
  8. How about Uzes ??

  9. That's what I was thinking. :yes:
  10. I like the Parioli, it reminds me the most of a BH, I almost bought it as my work bag but got the Broadway messenger instead, I like that it has both a handle and a long strap.
  11. see, actually the measurments are almost exactly the same as the BH