In Desperate Need of a Work Bag

  1. I am looking for a bag I can use for work. I would like something that has divions in the bag since I regularly carry a computer and many documents. I need it to be big enough to also carry the charger, a checkbook wallet, a make-up bag, a book, and a pair of shoes. I also need it to close to protect the computer from rain. Since I am very carefull with my bags I need something that won't get ruined by rain so preferably something leather but I am open to suggestions. As for color I wear a lot of black and brown so either works but I am not opposed to other colors. It would be great if I can find something around $500 but I would rather see more expensive choices than not. I want to keep my options open. Oh and I don't like the breifcase look or monogram bags.

  2. How big is the computer?
  3. I have the HH Catalina and the leather scratches easy so if that will bother you, you may want to pass on it. Also if you are carrying a computer, the shoulder strap doesn't have a lot of padding so the weight may be bothersome. If you don't like the briefcase look-- what about buying a nontraditional bag and using a laptop protection case inside the bag. I am currently alternating between my Chloe Bay and Gryson Heidi tote as my briefcase.
  4. I'd check out the Belen Eschandia bags. I've been meaning to look into it myself for my travel work bag, but I haven't made it up to the boutique in San Francisco yet to meet it in person.
  5. gina - my computer is really small it's the length of a peice of paper but maybe two inches wider. It's the basic IBM that most offices hand out.

    andi - I really like the HH but is it going to stand up to rain if it scratches easily?

    lion - my problem with using a case is related to the problem I have right now. Every time I have to put my computer back in my bag I have to take everything out and reorganize my bag since I have a decent amount of small items that fall into the place where my computer was.

    passerby - I like both styles but they don't close at the top to protect a computer from rain.
  6. I know what you mean about the zipper, durability, and having other stuff. I'm still wrestling with this. What about a large zippered tote with lots of pockets?

    The first two photos here are of the Aaenta Poqueta, available for under $500 from or (You can return it within a week to; not sure about boutiquetoyou; check because other places won't let you return this one.



    The next two are the Deere Colhoun large Sienna Satchel. The charcoal (brownish) and off white/white are on sale at for under $500; it's more expensive other places.

    If anyone has comment on either of these bags or brands, I'd love to hear them.


  7. Ooops--I realize now that you wanted "divisions"--not sure about the divisions in the ones I just mentioned. The Hayden-Harnett Sonia (search for my post with the word Sonia in the subject line) has divisions but may not be able to carry all of your stuff. Something like the Olivia Harris (mentioned in the same post) could carry all of your stuff, but doesn't have divisions. You might have to improvise them with a purseket, laptop sleeve, etc.

    Something that might have divisions could probably be found at or

    Search for the word "laptop" in the subject line of posts and you will find many more recommendations.
  8. Thanks passerby those are exactly what I am looking for and at a great price.
  9. I could recommend the "Love ME by Belen Echandia. It's not a realy lap top bag but it has 2 main compartments which are divided by a zipped compartment. You can carry her by the 2 handles over your shoulder or use the extra padded single strap which is removable. I use her daily for work and just love her.
    here's the link:
  10. Tanja, can you fit your laptop in it?