In Desperate Need Of A New Bag...calling All Lv Addicts!

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  1. I am in such a bad mood, I got into a huge fight with my bestfriend and as always when we get into arguments I have to purchase a new bag.... so which LV should I get?:evil:
  2. Haha, nice excuse to get a bag, but I don't think it's going to fix the fight you're having with your best friend. Try rectifying things first before you blow your cash on something you will later associate with anger. :amuse:
  3. So very well said :nuts:

    Sweetface, I've purchased things out of anger, and since I usually end up associating that item with a bad time in my life, it ends up on eBay or goes unworn in my closet. Purchasing something during a happier time (ie - if you and your friend talk about what happened and fix things) is much better than impulse shopping because you're upset. I hope things get better for you both!
  4. She's stubborn! I refuse to fight with her so I'll just shop. The first fight we had, I went and purchased the cerise speedy and I can't wait to get it! I love her, she's my bestfriend for life but she's insane.
  5. Handbags are short-term fix for happiness, anger, frustration etc. The bag will just represent the argument you had with her. Have a talk with her and I'm sure things will work out soon enough.
  6. I agree with everyone else. Perhaps once you two make up, you can go shop for a bag together! ;) Then you'll be getting your best friend's opinion as well, which I'm sure is very important to you.
  7. We made up you guys, after she heard what happened with my purse not being able to open (posted in the so pissed off thread) she rushed over and helped me pick the lock with a bobby pin and now it's OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAAAAAAAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! WHEW!
  8. I'm glad things worked out :biggrin:
  9. I think you should buy a nice new bag anyway - to celebrate :lol: