in desperate need of a navy patent jumbo flap. HELP!

  1. i'm new to TPF but in any case i'm looking for a jumbo navy patent flap bag. can anyone point me in the right direction? anyone xxxxxxxxxx know of an SA (preferably in ny but anyone who can locate one for me will do) who can help me out? i won't be able to think about anything else until i get it.

    p.s. prices will help as well.

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  2. You can try calling CS, however, I believe the patent classic jumbo flaps are totally sold out in navy if I'm not mistaken. I know they did release the navy patent reissue which you may be able to find. Good luck.
  3. Try the Chanel 1-800 number or check with some department stores, they may be able to do a search for you.
  4. would i have better luck with maybe european stores or other foreign stores? i just don't really know where to go and where my best bets would be.
  5. I own the jumbo navy crackled patent flap, and I was told they are completely sold out....maybe try eBay?
  6. I too was looking for this bag and called the 800 number and every NM I could and they are long gone. I had to give up my hope and put myself down for the dark navy reissue instead. Best bet is to search eBay but even if you could find one on there you will be paying $$$$.