In Desperate Need of a MAX SOFTY (marc by mj) help !!!

  1. I let this bag slip through my fingers a while ago and I'm still punishing myself for it... does anyone have one for sale or know where I can find one??? I have never come across one on eBay :sad:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs "Max" softy satchel. In any colour really, I just want this bag :yes:
  2. perhaps a picture would help with the search? is this the bag you're talking about? if so, i haven't seen it in awhile. did you try searching on eBay?

  3. thanks for the picture ! I was just going to edit my post and put that exact picture :smile: nothing on eBay unfortunately :/
  4. there's one on ebay now in white. I saw it when I typed in search <marc jacobs softy> looking for a softy zip clutch.
  5. Ohhh I see, that bag didn't pop up when I searched on - I don't know if the seller ships to Canada. Oh and were the zippers white on the white softy max ? I don't recall that interior print either... do you think this is an authentic little guy ? Thanks !
  6. I don't know that this bag was faked. I don't own the bag in this color, so I'm not sure about the white zipper. If you look in the Marc Jacobs Reference Library, under post pics of your MbMJs, I'm pretty sure one of the forumers has a white softy max so you can compare. :yes: