In Desperate Need Of A Different Hair Style. HELP...Pic's

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  1. I've basically had the same hair style my entire life. I have thick, naturally wavy / curly, frizzy hair. It's my natural color, no coloring at all, and I never straighten it, but I am SO bored with it.

    I've been wanting a change for some time now, and the two changes I've considered are coloring and bangs. I've been thinking of going darker, like a brown / black, and a side swept bang.

    I messed around with taaz, and would love opinions and rec's.


    Here's what I normally look like....

    Here is me with a side swept bang with my natural color....

    Bang w/ darker color

    Bang w/ lighter color

    Bang w/ redish color
  2. i think your natural color looks beautiful on you! you are gorgeous, girl!

    i wouldn't change a thing if i were you, but if you're really set on change, i vote for the reddish tint. :tup:
  3. Hmmm, the natural or the reddish tint!
  4. you are so pretty! your natural color works really well for you, but like the other posters said, the reddish tint looks great as well. :tup:
  5. Thank you everyone, you're all so nice!

    I too like the reddish tint the best, after my natural color. What does everyone think of the long, side swept bang though?
  6. you are gorgeous! i agree w/ the color. as for the bangs, are you willing to commit to ironing everyday?? if so, then go for it!
    i have the same hair texture as you do and i iron almost everyday. when i don't i use a product called john frieda miracle curls~~it's amazing, it makes my hair curl more and banishes frizz!!
  7. You are so pretty! But I'm going to disagree with the others (sorry others) re: the color... I wouldn't do red, because it can be really high maintenance. It fades fast and if you have hair that grows quickly you'll end up with red ends and browner roots. I don't mean to be rude, but very rarely do I see someone with dyed red hair IRL where I think "Wow, her hair looks great!" :nogood: It's just tricky to pull off and maintain IMO.

    I like the first 3 colors the best (natural and the first 2 browns). Also I LOVE the cut, but make sure you have them really thin out the layers and get a GOOD flat iron. It will make your life a lot easier! :tup:
  8. You have amazing eyes by the way! I really like the natural hair color look on you best! (which is the first choice you had in mind)
  9. Wow!! Those all look fabulous, but the reddish tint really jumped out at me. You're so gorgeous!
  10. I like your natural color... but I also really love the dark color. We have the same type of curly/wavy hair and I was thinking of side bags too! When are you getting them? I'll let you get them first! lol. Will you post a pic of the finished look?
  11. I like the reddish tint!:smile:
  12. Bang w/natural color looks great!
  13. You are very pretty! I like your natural color the best! It's a beautiful color! And I really like the second picture with the side swept bang.
  14. i liek the reddish colour (last one) its very similar to your current hair colour and i think its suits you best
  15. You know so pretty with your natural hair style ... i seriously recommened you stay that way.