in desperate need of 05 bubblegum city!!!

  1. can't sleep!! going crazy!! i've got b-bag fever. :crybaby:
    i can't stop thinking about how beautiful the bubblegum is. does anyone have any idea where i could get one before i go mental??? :push:
  2. there's that twiggy but it ain't a city
  3. i know!!!! it won't allow me to bid though because i am new to those auctions. i have never been on yahoo auctions before! and since i do not have a feedback rating, it doesn't let me do anything!

    i can't believe how addicting these bags are!
  4. :crybaby: awww I know how you feel. I felt that way for MONTHS! I just found one this month. I was ready to hunt Deana down and beg her to sell me hers! Then Bella :love: came to the rescue and told me there was one on eBay. It was a tense week and Deana:love: and I sweated bullets via email as the auction ended. Finally I had one.
    You'll find one when you least expect it. Bid high, because it's not going to go cheap. :smile:
  5. you are so lucky!! ever since i saw photos of other pf girls with their bubblegum bags, i have been obsessed!! can't stop looking at them or thinking about them! they just look so lovely! i would like to find one in pretty decent condition. i don't mind if it is used a bit but not too used. i have been refreshing eBay all night! i feel so pathetic! :crybaby:what do the bubblegum bags usually go for? man, i would be sweatin' bullets too!!
  6. Mine was in mint condition and I paid around 2000. :nuts:
  7. WHOA!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  8. Oh I know how this feels.......I WANT ONE:crybaby:
  9. Still wanting a Bubblegum pink First....can't find one yet!:crybaby:
  10. have a soulmate on this forum...her name is Deana...she posted a message with almost this exact same subject line a few months ago. ;) BTW, she had a happy ending, and so will you, I'm sure!
  11. Not sure it is still there but Fisch for the Hip in NYC had a work a couple weeks ago.
  12. It's sometime a HUGE exercise in patience when you are looking for these popular older colors. Like everyone's been'll find one if you keep looking for it.
  13. aww, what a lucky woman!!!! i hope so! :heart:
  14. i bet it was sooo worth it!!! looking at it makes me want to chew lots of bubblegum!
  15. I am sure that you will find one when you least expect it. GOOD LUCK!!!!!