In desperate need a new black bag. . .

  1. Every time I go into Saks I hover around the handbag department like a crazed lunatic. I can't decide on a new black bag (which I desperately want but according to my husband, do not need). I love the Marc Jacobs quilted frame bags, but don't know if I want to spend $1200 on a trendy gold chain. I love the Ferragamo Gancio but it only comes in brown. Help!:shrugs:
  2. def a ysl muse so classic and is such a it bag, ysl double bag which is black and like silver on inside is so cute so u can flip the bag and take it from day to night is really nice also

    if u want to go all out get a chanel ..any chanel in black
  3. I am right there with ya, I am pondering buying a new black gucci for the fall. I have narrowed it down to three choices.....basically, what you need to do - go back to the store put the 3 purses over your shoulder and see which one is screaming for you to take it home! Hopefully that will help, however if they are not sholder bags then - put all three together and see which one you will get the most use out of...happy shopping!!!! PS: you can't go wrong with black, nor can you have too many black purses :smile:
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  4. The chain on the Stam bag is removable, so in that, it gives you some options and versatility. It is very ladylike, but with an edge.

    Have you thought about other bags in the Marc Jacobs Collection line? The Hudson in all black is GORGEOUS and very classic; or even the Marc Jacobs Blake and Venetia.

    I agree with xbanginbo069x that the YSL Muse is a very current, but classic bag as well. Another classic (in my book at least) is Balenciaga - there are so many different shapes to choose from and the leather is outstanding.

    Good luck...I know it's a hard thing to find the "perfect" bag.
  5. My vote would be a Chanel or Gucci. Those are my two favorite designer bags and are classics. You can carry most of their styles for years and years. I believe every woman should own a Chanel classic flap bag in black caviar.:yahoo:
  6. I am loving the Alexander Mcqueen bags and the Stella McCarthey bags too.. take a look at those they are really nice
  7. It might help if I knew the price range you were looking at. Chanel is definitely very classic.

    Marc Jacobs has some awesome looking black bags. Just about any of them get my vote. I have the Stam Hobo (Mouse) and I love it. The chain is removable. I am going to try to get one in black.

    I saw someone with the black patent MJ Bowler and I loved that. Really classy looking.

    When I was at Gucci I saw some awesome bags but I didn't see one in black that I really liked.

    Good Luck!
  8. Which Gancio bag are you referring to. I have seen several at Ferragamo and NM in balck.
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    i just bought the antigona and love it