In denial: Scary Spice names baby after Murphy

  1. Wow. Has he requested a paternity test?
  2. Wow.
  3. So, is she in denial or is he? Personally, I don't agree with always giving a baby the father's surname anyway, so I wouldn't have, but to each their own. Has she sued for support?
  4. wowwwie..
    i loved the spice girls!

    santa monica is so close...yet how come i never seen anyone famous? ;[
  5. Boy will it be egg on her face if Eddie is not the father.............
  6. The "Murphy Brown" bit made me chuckle... I never watched that show, but I think it won awards?
  7. wht will she do if he isnt though? bit bad to have the baby named after him after all this
  8. that better be his kid or she is gonna look soooo stupid :s
  9. wow, bold move. Hope for her that it really is Eddie's.
  10. wow
  11. did they do the test already?
  12. She is in court asking for a DNA test because Eddie isn't volunteering to do one.

    Personally I think Melanie Brown got royally screwed by Murphy. It reminds me so much of Elizabeth Hurley's situation with her son when the guy had two paternity tests going at the same time for two different babies, he claimed he and Hurley "weren't exclusive," which was news to her, and both kids turned out to be his. A woman wouldn't go this far unless she knew who the child's father was.
  13. ^^EXACTLY!

    I find it strange that she would be this certain that Edie is the father and then just lie.I hope they work things out soon,i mean enough alredy they are adults!