Club In da KATARINA Clubhouse......

  1. Girl...I KNOW!! I was SHOCKED that I got it for that and it was like BRAND NEW!! My best deal yet!
  2. I love this fob! Think I use this one the most.
  3. I got my Pap Kat back in March for 50% off was $189. When I went last week to my outlet in Hagerstown, they had 2 Paprika, 2 Blue Mist and 1 Champagne. They were 40% then 30% off....MSRP is $378 for Patent and $358 for Leather. I got my Champagne during the online sale a few months back and it was $159! I think I saw it this last sale, but I believe it was $180 something??
    What color are you looking for??

  4. You like Katarina like I like BS!!!!!
  5. 3 Kats...
    just got another Hailey...that makes 5...(reveal soon)
    and 10 Sophias!

    Can you say OCD????
  6. WTF - u have TEN - TEN TEN TEN Sophias!!!!!!!!!

    GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am working on #6 with the BS!!!!!!

    NOT OCD - ADDICT is the word
  7. YES...I HAVE 10 SOPHIAS!! So, you think I got a problem??

  8. Not at all - Get one more and you might - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  9. Here is my Champagne Katarina dressed to the nines....Shows her slouch so well!

  10. Thank you for the responses. I just got a Pap Kat off of the bay for $129 shipped priority mail :woohoo:
  11. What a beautiful bag and dressed up so attractively Have to hunt down one for myself.
  12. WOOHOO!! What a deal! Congrats!

  13. Great buy, congrats!
  14. I am still thinking about that kat I was after today.... damn SA shouldnt have told me about Ashlyn's price .. LOL
    I still might buy kat cuz I cant get her out of my head....................... :p
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    I was at the local outlet today and they had the black leather Katerina's in clearance, redlined (I think $10 less that the MSRP?) and then 50% off and another 30% off. They also had large paprika patent sutton wristlet/wallets (like the one at the link below, NMA). I was carrying my paprika Katarina and the sutton was a perfect match. I believe that it was $72 after all the discounts (MSRP = $128).

    A funny thing happened while I was in the store. When I originally bought my paprika Kat, it was the only one in the store, and a foreign tourist stalked me and tried to intimidate me and kept saying "my wife wants that bag!" I told him "sorry I'm buying it!"

    Today one of the SAs told me that customers were asking him about my bag because they wanted to get one. Later a woman customer came up to me and said "where did you find that red bag?" I had to tell her that I had "purchased it previously and they didn't have any more of them."

    Paprika Katerina gets admired wherever she goes! :biggrin: