Club In da KATARINA Clubhouse......

  1. This is a GENIUS idea! I could use the black strap from baby sage. Wow...thanks for thinking of it!
  2. Pics??
  3. The black and champagne leather katerinas are on sale on the Coach Factory Online sale right now for $175 with free shipping.

    The metallic is also on sale for $185 and free shipping.
  4. My new Pap Kat finally arrived :woohoo:

  5. :graucho:
  6. Had her for awhile, still haven't used, but my blue mist Katarina find from eBay!!!



  7. Congrats, I am carrying mine right now!
  8. Yay! No perfume smells this time I hope!! Glad you got another!
  9. [​IMG]

    Wore my signature Katarina's the perfect size bag!
  10. No perfume smell, just wonderful leather. My husband actually commented on how much he liked it. Yay! :woohoo:
  11. It is the perfect size.. These are great bags.
  12. $160 free shipping!!! Brand new with tags and that intoxicating leather smell!! :smile:
  13. You're right I can see a need for both but this is just a tease!!