Club In da KATARINA Clubhouse......

  1. Show me your Katarina's.

    I am having a love hate though on this bag. I saw it in paparika at the Outlet (not my color) and in champagne...
    The champange in so much better looking irl then in pic's. I am now debating this bag because yesterday I saw the cutest leather bone color hobo. I dont know the name of it as it was just a passer by while I was grabbing a few groceries. I wanted to ask her what brand but didnt. So i'm after a hobo.

    How are you enjoying yours? Is it easy to get in and out of ?
  2. I LOVE my Katarinas....

    I have the Paprika...



    and the Champagne...



    I LOVE them BOTH so much, that I am looking for a Black and Brown Siggy on the bay.
    Perfect for shopping and staying on your arm...and easy to get to anything that's inside.
  3. I knew you had one ^^^I was trying to locate the thread!

    How is it for slip? Its it room inside?
  4. I have the Paprika. It's very comfortable but sometimes it is a bit hard to unzip unless I set it down. That's just because it's so slouchy the zipper bends quite a bit so it makes it a little harder sometimes. Pretty roomy without being a large bag. Stays on my shoulder well even though I have small shoulders.

    I remember someone having trouble with the metallic leather trim on the champagne color. For some it would be a dealbreaker, but not for others. Metallics seem hit or miss, no guarantee either way.
  5. I have the bone color. I got it from Macy's, and when they rang it up, it was 25% off. Then, they let me do a PA during the F&F sale (about 3 weeks inbetween).

    I LOVE IT! It reminds me of a larger Carly/Zoe.
  6. pic's of the bone color?
  7. I have the Paprika and it's one of my all-time-favorite Coach bags. Quite possibly my HG!

  8. I have the Paprika, LOVE the color and that its a one strap bag
  9. I fell in love with that paprika color the first time I saw it at the FP store, but thought I would take a chance and see if the bag went to the outlet. Fortunately it did, so I bought it at a good price and I love it. For me, it's a casual bag, light weight, and it holds a lot.

    I also would buy the Katrina in the parchment with the brown leather trim if I saw it at the outlet, I really like that combination of leathers.
  10. I have paprika as well. LOVE her!!! I moved out & back in a week or 2 later & found myself admiring her sitting on my passenger seat multiple times. Very easy to get into, one strap (no slip) and the normal 2 inside slip pockets & 1 zippered pocket. And the smell is TO DIE FOR! I'm looking for another but haven't decided which I want yet.
  11. I will tonight after I put my baby to bed. :tup:
  12. image-3887642396.jpg
  13. I have yet to see her IRL and it's yet another bag I wasn't too hip on from website pic's but loved after seeing reveal pic's!!! I agree 110% ShellinDC reminds me alot of the Carly!!!

  14. I also have the champagne. Beautiful color and great size bag. I love the slouch but if you don't you could put in a purse organizer.