In Coral Blue's FW 07 EARLY REVIEW: it ain't going to be pretty

  1. So this is my first major thread in a while. I’ve been working on a few projects and haven’t had much time in the forum. However, I did manage to sneak in a few minutes to write a review about the new colors that we have all been so eagerly anticipating.

    Warning: I'm not sugar coating this one....

    I was actually not underwhelmed by all the pre-collection colors but I was rather uninterested.:tdown: The colors were very heavy and flat. There was no sense of depth – no dimensions- in each and every color. To me, they really aren't the Balenciaga's I've come to know.

    This season, the colors heavily rely on the choice of Giant Hardware. They look far more interesting with it in comparison to the classic hardware. I for one, am not the biggest fan of the Giant Hardware – but might have to cough up the $1725 for an Ocean Work with Silver GH because honestly, it’s the only bag so far that’s keeping me interested in the Fall Collection.

    These colors are true Fall/Winter colors…and if I do decide to purchase one, I can no longer rely on them as a source of “pop” as I have this Spring and last Fall.

    If any good were to come out of this FW 07 collection (for me personally), it would be the fact that I would actually have enough money to finally purchase colors I have been longing for….from previous seasons.

    Matelasse Clutch – This clutch is MUCH bigger than I had expected. Not the same size as the MakeUp but more like the Traveler. Hmm…I wonder how many people would actually fall for the $950 (US) price tag.

    Women’s Besace – It’s quite cute actually. The sample I saw was the Besace in Steel with Silver GH. I wish the strap were longer but otherwise, I love the shape and very much similar to it’s previous counterpart.

    The Colors…

    Ocean – This color really reminds me of Navy FW 05. Same base color but lacking the vibrancy. Also, a pale Blueberry. It looks quite stunning with the Silver GH…much like what I remember from the Fall Trunk show (we saw the WE).

    Sienna – Not the whiskey I was so hoping for. I’m on the fence about this color, I’m waitlisted for the Work but sadly, the outlook is looking bad at the moment.

    Cinnamon – I’ve seen a few variations of this color. One bag was very brown with a reddish tints and the other was almost a very dark Bordeaux FW 05. Sorry gals, I’m not feeling this color with Silver hardware.

    Oatmeal – It’s a bit too close to Sandstone. Very golden and looks amazing with Gold GH. I can just imagine seeing someone on the streets this winter, wearing an Ivory coat and carrying a Mastic Balenciaga – gorgeous!

    Steel – This is where it gets a bit trickier. The color variations, I tell you!!! The Steel Work with Gold GH was really dark, almost like the lead of a #2 Pencil you used in school, then I turn around to see a Steel City that really reminds me of the 2004/2005 Grey. I was really keeping my hopes up for this color…but alas, I think I’ve fallen out of love completely (before it even began). I was hoping for an Elephant gray, much like SS 06 Gray and the 05 Gray. My search continues for the perfect shade of Grey. Sigh.

    Tomato – If I weren’t really familiar with the SS 07 colors I would say that this is Rouge Vermillion…bright red (saw it with Silver GH in the City). Haven't we seen this before?

    I think my lacking of interest really stems from the "I've seen this before" mentality that I have. And also having an expectation of what the colors would actually look like, and alas! my wish isn't granted this season.

    But I'm sure I'll be proven wrong, as I have been before.
  2. Thank you for your honesty and you always relay the best information. I will have to see the colors IRL if I do decide to get one from the f/w collection.
  3. I think a lot people feel the same with this seasons colors. Great thread though!!
  4. i feel your pain. i thought i would be going crazy for these bags, those little color swatches held such promise! but now i'm just bored.

    ita with your assessment of mastic. I saw one in the DAY style and the leather looks incredible. it's a very clean and sophisticated color. but for right now, i'm on the hunt for older bags!
  5. thanks for the post and your honesty. i had high hopes for steel myself but after seeing it, i am going to pass on this color.
  6. I'm saving up for the violet/jaune colors and also still seeking a few of the classics from seasons past. This season is the first one where I am actually contemplating getting a black bag. I have loved Balenciaga for the colors, but I haven't fallen in love yet. However, I think that many of the colors are lovely, but just a bit too similar to what I've seen in in prior seasons.
  7. I agree with you. The only color I am remotely interested in is the Cinnamon. And if the disappointment that many are saying it is I will return it and continue my hunt for a Chocolate something. I have never been a GH fan at all.

    The Ocean with the silver HW isnt bad, but I just cant seem to get into that hardware.

    I was wondering where the hell you have been boy! Nice to see you back!
  8. I think I would be in the same page with you. The only interesting Fall color is Ocean with SGH eventhough I do not like GH myself. But, I do not have that "urge" to get the new season color bbag ...I rather look for the older season color.
  9. I have to agree- the colors seem pretty boring to me too... Maybe this is the season to finally get the nice black staple I've been contemplating!
  10. Is it me or is there a difference in the color when you see it with the GH and then see it with the reg hardware? I noticed this with aqua~ the reg hardware bags were definitely a different color then the aqua with GH.
  11. Yes! It took me a long time to buy a black bag (Weekender) myself (not just Balenciaga, but any black bag!)...I swear, if it weren't a gift to me, I still wouldn't own one to this day.

    I really think I will fall in love with the colors but once the Fall weather kicks in and I can actually imagine myself carrying such colors.
  12. You know the Silver GH is what's holding me back from buying the Ocean Work...I'm just not sure...and I've really promised myself that everything I buy are the bags that I will the decision making just gets tougher.

    I knew that Cinnamon is a color that I wasn't going to buy but I though it would be really pretty (regardless). I saw Cinnamon with Silver and yikes!!! Talk about match made in hell (I hope no one reading this has purchased one :shocked:) But I'm crossing my fingers that it will grow on me.

    I've been around, working on a fashion blog...I promise I'll be around more :smile:

    I just ran into Nanaz this afternoon too!
  13. I totally agree with you.. the comment about depth is the underlining point, really. Hoping that i will absolutely love my future Juane Day though :heart:
  14. Thanks for the info and the review, incoralblue. I've had the "underwhelmed" feeling about new season's colors from Balenciaga each season for the past 2 years, but despite my initial reaction, I've found myself liking certain ones later on. Don't know if it's a matter of seeing better quality bags, or adjusting my expectations, or simply getting used to the colors.
    For the moment, though, I'm unenthused :sad:
    Hopefully the collection colors will exceed all of our expectations :drool:
  15. a Balenciaga fan, I do feel that sense of obligation to buy something from each collection/season. I'm getting a Marigold Pochette - I don't know why...I have a feeling that it will come super handy this fall, just a gut feeling.

    But as I was telling a friend about my lack of love for the Fall Collection:

    "Anything less than extraordinary is a waste of my time" (in this case, money) :yes: