In celebration of Sisterhood

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  1. Once again, such Excellent service from the H store and so we could not resist. 3 of the same as a symbol of our G3 sisterhood. One for for robee and one for another good sister who is still lurking here. :biggrin:

  2. lovely! I hope I can stay for the whole thing, but I am soon heading to H myself;)
  3. 3 identical items in different colours? :drinkup: to Sisterhood.
  4. Actually 3 of the exact same for each of us. ;)

  5. beautiful!
  6. looking forward to acquire more H items for the sisterhood :nuts:
  7. Congratulations Jadeite, Robee and to your friend.
  8. Verry pretty Bracelet..
  9. That is so sweet!
  10. Beautiful......congratulations!:yahoo:
  11. hooray to sisterhood! :woohoo: that is sooooo sweet....:tender:
  12. Beautiful, congrats!
  13. There's no better way to celebrate sisterhood! :drinkup:
  14. Great! :dothewave:
  15. Awww, how sweet is that?!