In celebration of my 1,000 Post - FINALLY...MY 1ST BBAG! GREIGE CITY!!!!

  1. I've been a member for almost a year on tpf, wanting a B-bag from Day 1. Somehow, I put it off (but convinced myself on other bags on the way...) Finally, FINALLY!!...after 10 months + 1,000 posts...I've purchased my first bbag - a greige city!! :yahoo:
    Can I just say how addicted I am to this bag already??? I constantly condition her, stare at her, and pet her like a crazy woman!! :wtf: I am already on the hunt for my next ink twigggy :shame:
    Thanks to all those who helped me on my first bbag quest, and I just cannot WAIT until someone snaps a picture of me on the "Balenciaga sighting..was this YOU" thread! :wlae: YAY...I am now a bbag sister!!! :heart:
  2. More pix...

  3. wow!!
    congratulations, she's sooooooo pretty! nice thick leather too!
  4. AHHH that's soooooooooooooooooooooooo PRETTY... i love that color..

    what have you DONE Andreax716 vbmenu_register("postmenu_1063506", true); ???.... now i want one tooooooooo

  5. congratulations! happy 1000!!!

  6. do it!! :jammin:
  7. Congratulations, the leather on your bag looks so soft. It's beautiful!
  8. wow that is one hot color! Congrats!
  9. congrats. it's lovely and the leather...beautiful!!!
  10. Wonderful, I love it. The greige is gorgeous when it's marbled (veiny) I think.
    Yours is amazing,

  11. Congratulations! Your bag is beautiful and well worth the wait.
  12. Congrats!
    I love greige
  13. your bag is really pretty ,i had gone shopping and had seen a greige city ,i was soooo tempted but cant afford to now as i have just got my ink box.enjoy
  14. :heart: Oh wow, you have picked a great first BBag! Congratulations! :heart:
  15. congratulation on 1000 posts and finally buying the Bbag, and what a gorgeous one at that!!!
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