in case you dont know what to wear for next week`s ball..:)

  1. here are absolute favourites :heart: :drool: :heart:
    dior9.JPG dior11.JPG dior16.JPG dior15.JPG dior14.JPG
  2. and a few more...:heart: :drool: :heart: :love: :drool: :heart:
    dior7.JPG dior8.JPG dior10.JPG dior12.JPG dior13.JPG
  3. i must admit im hooked on those skirts ...both the floaty ones and the the taily ones ( looks like im creating new words here :roflmfao: ) :heart:

    ...classy and beautiful ...shifts off to Dior dreamland heaven ...:balloon:
    dior1.JPG dior4.JPG dior2.JPG dior17.JPG dior6.JPG
  4. When I saw the drapey layers on the dresses and skirts in the couture show, I was like, "OMG!!!!!"

    Now I see these on the RTW and I'm like "OMG OMG!!!!" :biggrin:
  5. stunning dresses, but would something like that be worn
  6. yes, and i even saw a picture of someone wearing dior's haute couture for spring 07 at the post-oscars party recently.
  7. Very beautiful dresses!!!!!

  8. gosh its the next day and im still under influence heheh ...i mean O:heart: M:heart: G :heart: so beautiful i want them all ! :yes::drool: