***In case you don't know about the Saks 8/23 event***

  1. Everyone probably does, but in the rare event that you didn't because you were too busy doing unheard of things such as working/going to school/spending time with family rather than spending every hour of the day keeping abreast of department store specials like you should have been, I thought I'd post.

    There is a "Flair for Fashion" event across the Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the U.S. Gift cards for purchases made tomorrow/today (Thursday 8/23). I believe the incentives are as follows (but please don't quote me exactly):

    $15 for $100 purchase
    $50 for $200 purchase
    some others in between
    $300 for $2,000 purchase
    $450 for $3,000 or more purchase

    So basically I pre-bought the Ferro Sloane and a YSL so my gift card can pay itself towards a wallet later in the future! Seriously, how cool is that?

    If you don't have an SA you love, PM me and I'll refer you to two of mine. Very accommodating and they can arrange for no sales tax delivered to your door. (One's in BH and the other at SCP... I feel terrible two-timing but it happens)
  2. Bunkie, thank you for posting this!
    I have pre-ordered a medium veneta in Ebano. Can't wait to get it!:yahoo:

    The gift card values are broken down as follows:
    $250 - $499 --> $25
    $500 - $999 --> $50
    $1,000 - $1,999 --> $150
    $2,000 - $2,999 --> $300
    More than $3,000 --> $450
  3. THANK YOU!! I knew that my figures were a little off (and the middle part missing!) You're awesome!

    Congrats on your medium veneta!!
  4. Which are the Saks that carries BV?
  5. Bunkie, you always come through!
  6. xegbl, you can try Saks Beverly Hills, CA (310) 275-4211, or Saks Bala Cynwyd, PA (610)667-1550.

    Damian at Saks PA helps me with my purchase. He is very accommodating and friendly. His extension is 357.
  7. Regardless of which Saks have BV, you can go to your local one and ask to look at their look book to see what was bought this season.
  8. You're sweet :love:
  9. Bunkie - Congrats on your YSL and BV purchases! You're absolutely right, perfect opportunity and you'll get to buy yourself a little something compliments of Saks! :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see your Sloane in Ferro, I :drool: that color and it's such a perfect combo.

    java - Ebano Veneta :tup:, you're going to :heart: it, congrats!!

    Wish I could've taken advantage of this event, but alas, funds are running a bit thin right now. Thanks for heads up Bunkie!!
  10. Wait a minute...Bunkie!!...does this mean no more SO Ferro Veneta? Did you get an answer from BV? In any case, even though I'm a Veneta lover, Sloane Ferro is an EXQUISITE combo, major, major :tup: and great choice!
  11. myindulgence, you are SO perceptive!!
    I actually had debated this topic until my head hurt on what to do.

    As you probably read on another thread, Italy is on vacation until September, so it is a huge question mark on whether or not the veneta will be granted. Then, someone else posted on this forum that their SA told them there are no more Ferro Sloanes... in any case, I was worried that maybe they might run out of the material...

    So, just in case I may end up with NO Ferro, I also got the Ferro Sloane. I got it at Saks so that I can exchange it anytime for another color Sloane if the Veneta is granted. If not, then at least I will not end up ferro-less (does that kind of sound like "fearless"?)

    I actually had to go into the BV store again that day to debate this and talked to the manager and that is what she recommended to me as well to do, just in case.

    But yes, to answer your question, I am waiting with bated breath and would love to have my Ferro Veneta made.
  12. That's what I would've done too. I wouldn't risk being "Ferro-less" either!! :smile: IMO, whichever you end up with is a winner, I love them both. Oh-oh, be careful that you won't be able to part with the Sloane AND end up ordering the Veneta -- then you'll be "Ferro-full"! :biggrin: Good luck!
  13. Ferro...yummy! I second your smartness!!!