In case you didn't see it in the "Clubhouse" my Caramel 05 Weekender is here!

  1. :yahoo::nuts::yahoo: And I love it!:heart: The size is perfect and the leather is so thick and beautiful. It's a great color that will go with everything.



    I'll try to post modeling pics soon so you all can get an idea of how BIG it really is.
  2. Aha!! So YOUR the one that got it. From the first time I saw it I thought: Damn that's a nice one.

    I had my eye on it but my other eye was focused on another gem instead :graucho:

    Enjoy!!!! I think the work is biggest I can carry for me. POst pics post pics!!!!
  3. I saw it in the clubhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one GORGEOUS YUM YUM YUMMY bag!!!:heart::heart::heart: So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Okay cracker, your collection is at the point where I MUST see them as a collective whole!!! I think it's time for a family pic! That way we can do all the drooling at one time. :yahoo:
  5. Love it!! :heart: The leather is TDF!! Congrats, cracker!! :yahoo:

    Although I have come to except your bags to have the bestest leather ever :heart:
  7. yay! what a beautiful bag!!! i love this color
  8. Yay Cracker!! You need to go on a weekender getaway now!! It's gorgeous!!
  9. Cracker,


  10. :yes: ITA! :tup:
  11. Cracker the queen of 05 Bbags. :queen:Your collection is amazing girlie.:nuts: Congrats on another beauty.:yahoo:
  12. :nuts:W O W. Cracker that bag is so gorgeous. The color is fabulous and the leather looks perfect. Congratulations, it's a beauty! You have so many enviable bags.
  13. Beautiful caramel weekender! Congrats!
  14. Cracker, you've managed to find another completely amazing bag. I can't believe the leather on this weekend it is simply TDF!
  15. That is nice. :yes: