In case someone is interested

  1. WOW. Niether one of my dogs would fit in it, but it sure is nice!!

    I always thought Yorkies, because they have hair and not fur, so they don't aggravate allergies. My former MIL raised Yorkies and she had allergies, they never bothered her. Ah, but what do I know? LOL!
  2. Yeah, I've heard people say they have less "allergic" problems with Yorkies. This lady in particular has other dogs other than Yorkies so she thinks they may have exacerbated her allergies. I believe she said she had 2 yorkies and 2 other breeds (Lasha Apso)
  3. Speedy: My friend has a Coach collar and leash for his golden retriever. Personally, I don't know if I'd be willing to spend so much on a leash and collar. Maybe one day...
  4. Yeah, they are pretty, but very expensive.

  5. Well, for me it's a concern only because I don't walk my own dogs, my brother does. He's forever losing or breaking leads, half the time after bathing them, he or DH put the wrong collar on the right dog, etc, etc. I've already replaced Lady's lead twice in three years! LOL! I guess they just aren't as careful with the gear as I am, so I keep it cheap.

    I also think large dogs don't look good in designer stuff, but that's just me. For them it needs to be more functional anyway, since I've yet to see a little dog that's been taught to "heel" properly! LOL!
  6. ^ except for Twinkie! hehehe...she is TINY and she's super good!

    I want to get a coach collar for her but they are REALLY freaking stiff and thick! The XL size would be good for a bigger dog...they are very substantial collars and the ones at the outlets are around 29 dollars!