In Case Phh Should

  1. case he should ever find his way to the forum....LOL..

    it is NOW a requirement to buy a KICK*SS Prada bag when you hit 5000 posts....I Had to do it...Megs made me ..I swear....and it was only 1750-a bargain....ROFLMAO....I saved him so much money...sure..I did...hee.hee.hee.:wlae: :nuts:

    [​IMG]here it pretty.....!!!:crybaby:
  2. Gorgeous that the same one that Victoria Beckham's been carrying around?

    And heck ya you saved him should have spend $5000 LOL
  3. ^ I KNOWWWWW!!!!!!!!! TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! LMAO!
    its the same bag in black...brown isnt in yet...I will get it when it comes in
  4. Stunning! and such a bargain!!!
  5. That is really pretty, what the heck it is beautiful!!!! Of Course Jill you had to do it, I mean cmon 5,000 posts is a milestone!!!!! Imagine your hubby replying to your posts without you knowing it was him?!
  6. Don't we have the three little monkey smilies??? See.. Hear... Speak... no new bag???
  7. haha! CONGRATS ON THE 5000th MARK Jill!!!!

    And that is a stunning new piece, now you'll always remember your 5000th post. Oh and you're getting brown too?! WAY TO GOOO!!
  8. I normally would nt feel guilty..But I bought 4 bags this dead...
  9. Ahhh, that's Victoria Beckham's bag! I loved it when I saw it on her and I love it even more in black.Gorgeous bag! And congrats on reaching your 5000th post!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Woohoo! Congrats!
  11. congrats!
  12. LOL, Jill! When I saw the size of this bag in your other post, I was worried about how you were going to hide it from PHH... :roflmfao: If he asks you are risking getting banned you poor thing as it is a requirement for Mods to buy for the same dollar amount when they hit milestone numbers of posts. :noggin: Look at you so faithfully trying to balance the requirements of the forum and his feelings.:angel:
  13. God must be great in bed:graucho: Now, I don't suck in bed (oh maybe that's why I'm not getting fab Prada bags;) ) But hubby really doesn't get spending sooo much on a bag. I'm trying to convert him but no luck. I need to borrow your credit card sweetie!

    Did I mention I'm having some wine...
  14. hehe I like that idea when you hit 5k posts you have to spend 1500 plus on bag

    figure its money youve saved up at an exchange .30 a post.

    Cuz I'm sure many of us have had days were we spent posting and commenting on tpf instead of spending a few hundred dollars in the mall.
  15. LOL!!!! =) Jill, I lost track of your purchases this week! Which 4 did you get? Prada & Gucci? MJs are within the same week or the week before that. =)