In case of fire . . .

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  1. We haven't had any rain here for 3 weeks, and I've been thinking about fire danger. If there were a house fire where you live, and you had time to get your families, pets, important papers, and other stuff out, but only had time to take ONE bag with you to safety, what would you choose?
  2. My :heart:Brick Red Large MP:heart:

  3. Only ONE?!? :crybaby: I guess if I had to choose it would be my Ferrari Large Multipocket. I have to say though, unless my boyfriend was injured I'd expect him to rescue my Chili Hudson (if not the rest of my collection). :graucho:
  4. I think that I'd stuff this one bag with as many of its MJ siblings as would fit. I'm hoping that the "ultra flex" feature means at least a dozen!

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  5. haha! you girls are hilarious!

    frances bean that MP is TDF!! i love that color!! there is a brick red venetia on ebay right now, and boy is that tempting!!

    I like your way of thinking Melly that would be what i would call a true knight in shinning armor!! He'd get handsomely rewarded for saving my bags!! hahaha:graucho:
  6. i wish i had enough MJ's to fill up a whole box of these trash bags!! :yes:

    i'd share tho don't worry! :o)
  7. Thank you!! It was my first MJ bag so I'm especially attatched. Are you sure the venetia is authentic? I thought brick red was only released in nickel h/w?
  8. Looks authentic to me...but...Im only a MBMJ expert LOL. I have no idea about Marc Jacobs collection. By the way, theres a Marc Jacobs Hobo in Brick Red for sale on im pretty sure thats authentic
  9. ^^ I don't know... it's also with gold h/w and there's a disclaimer that says costco isn't an authorized dealer of MJ
  10. oh, i don't know if it is authentic i didn't really look to close b/c i didn't want to get too

    i just know the color was soooooo pretty!!
  11. what a sick question to ask bag-addict!! I refuse to answer!! LOL...
  12. LOL thithi! Too funny!

    I'd have to ivory stam! I love her too much to let her perish!
  13. I don't need to worry about this anymore, because it's FINALLY raining here. I'm humming the tune "it's raining men" this morning, except I changed the words to "it's raining rain" :smile:
  14. Lol, this is just too hard. I love my Stam in putty but my Trish is more expensive due to the leather lining. Hmm..but my Stam is very rare. I would've probably died cause I couldn't make up my mind :P.
  15. OH MY GOD... this thread is too funny...
    2 days ago i awoke to my roomie screaming 'fire!' so i jumped out of bed, and without even thinking started grabbing my bags... i was literally 1/2 way down the stairs with them when we realized it was an apt. down the way, and ours was in the clear. i can't even describe the look on my roomie's face when she saw me, still 1/2 asleep, in my pjs with an arm full of bags. PRICELESS:P