In case of emergency, rescue family (aka dogs) first then LV! (sorry long)

  1. Last night a water supply line in my master bathroom burst, so when I came home there was a river in the house. I ran to get one of my dogs out of the guest room where she stays when i'm gone and was relieved she hadn't been electrocuted. Although she had this look of total concern on her face as there is a french door and she could see the water coming at her.

    Later lovely friends shop vac'd up the water and helped move all the furniture since it was 1 to 2" in places. Well you should have seen the look on their faces when I opened the armoire full of purses to move them! It was like :wtf:. They of course knew about my bag obsession but had no idea the extent of it.

    So I learned many valuable lessons last night. One that I will always rescue my dogs first, second that real friends will mop water until 1am, and that i really do love LV as I was happy my little brown boxed friends were ok! The hardwood floors are buckling and the house is humid, but we are camped in the guest room (it's not easy to take two dogs to a hotel) and the doggies are all safe and happy (although I am nervous as a cat and kinda scared tonight). I think my little princess of a dog would like a trip to the mall tomorrow and I think I would be much cheered looking at the MC fleurs keychain. It will help me smile while paying the insurance deductible and other random costs. :graucho:

    P.S. Check the supply lines under your sink if you haven't lately (the lines from the pipe on the wall to the faucet). The plumber said it is not that uncommon a problem. I was shocked at how flimsy the plastic is under the metal covering.
  2. :tup:The MC Fleurs keychain you will love. Do not delay getting it for they are limited and starting to get hard to find. By the way, I saw it tonight on Eluxury site and they are having free shipping too! Check it out!
  3. Oh my goodness how horrible! I'm glad you had friends to help you out. I think my friends would be like :wtf: if they saw how much LV stuff I had gotten recently, lol. I too would take my pets to safety and then the bags. I hope your week is less chaotic and I would def agree to get that mc fleurs. It's just soooo fun and cute!
  4. omg I'm so glad to hear that your doggies (AND your lvs) are fine.
    yup you should def go get em mc fleurs chain to cheer you up. :flowers:
  5. Glad to know the pups and the purses are doing well. That would have freaked me out too! I know what you mean about "not being easy to take dogs to a hotel". We have 5 dogs!

    Yea, I do think a trip to the boutique is necessary. You need to calm your nerves! :hysteric:
  6. wow!! crazy! but im glad everything is ok! and u def need a little visit with your little MC friends ;) and maybe u should adopt them hehe
  7. Oh wow...glad to know everything is OK though and no one was hurt!!!!
  8. Sorry to hear.....glad everything works out well though
  9. Always love happy endings!!
  10. What kind of doggies do you have? I had a similar experience when a water heater broke and I came home to my little pug doggy paddling in a foot of water. She was fine, thank god. It was years ago and I only had crappy purses at the time, but I agree dogs first then LV. Your house will dry out, but your floors may need work. I'm from Katrina ravaged New Orleans, the humid feeling goes away after about a week.
  11. What are friends for eh? Great friends you've got there and I'm glad everyone is safe!
  12. Sorry that happened to you...but glad everyone including your lv collection is fine! thanks for the tip too...
  13. So glad all is well...doggies, little brown boxed friends and you! Relax and buy a keychain!!
  14. Sorry I don't understand, why would she have been electrocuted?

    Anyhow, I'm sorry for all the damage to your house, glad your baby and your purses were ok!!
  15. Im glad your family and your LVs are safe! Yeh for keychains :biggrin: