In-between stage hairstyles.

  1. Anyone have hair in that in-between stage? My hair has been a super short pixie cut for a long time. Now it's still short but now in that inbetween can't do anything with it. I was just looking for suggestions or advice on about what to do with it. I have a great hair dresser but the hairstyle she suggested makes me look like an older society woman. I am not into that, I am only 32 and pretty quirky...hence my pixie cut!! Any ideas for that in-between stage?
  2. Hi! I saw your pic on the Coach forum---you're super cute! Are you growing your hair? Or just at a weird length? I had that pixie cut once too---I ended up growing it out, which was hell! Anyway my favorite look for this cut is kinda messy using styling paste. You don't want a wet look but matte. I think Garnier Fructis(green packaging at CVS or Target) makes one. Have you ever watched that show on Bravo called workout? The girl Jackie has a great looking pixie, I love the way she styles it.
  3. I found pics....I wish I had her abs!
    workout_ep209_04.jpg photo_trainer_jackie.gif
  4. I am (was...) exactly where you are.

    I have played with super short to short hair styles for most of my life. I like to be "different" so I used to brush up the back and spike it up a bit, but that got so old.

    I have been getting perms now to get me through those in between stages and am having a blast! Perms are NOT like they were before. My hair actually gets more damaged when I dye/bleach it vs. perming it!

    Just my suggestion...good luck to you!!!