In between hair colors?

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  1. Ladies, a question for you. I have pretty much been dying my hair a couple times a year for the past 10 years. Its still in good shape, but i've decided that for my wedding this November, I'd like to have my natural hair color. Right now I have about 2-3" of my natural roots showing, and to be honest, this the first time I've ever really SEEN my natural color since I started dying it!

    My natural color is a dark brown, but what exact shade I can't say lol. Its dark though! (My grandfather is full blooded italian if that helps any) I've always colored it a lighter brown/auburnish shade since my skin is so light and freckles (I'm 1/2 Irish too!), but I wanna let it grow out.

    This comes to my problem. Its annoying me to see the difference in the natural/non-natural color! Every couple days I've been just tempted to run to Walgreens or whatnot and get more dye (I've always done my hair myself, with the exception of one time I went and got blonde highlights.) It hasn't been so bad in the past, but its getting to the point where now I can really see it. Any suggestions?
  2. Why not go to a salon and have them dye it to match your natural color so it won't seem like such a contrast while it is growing out.
  3. I would dye it to match your natural color
  4. can salons do that? i'd be afraid of it being a tiny bit different or something....i'd kinda thought about a natural colored highlight as kinda a transition, but i dunno if they can do darker highlights (lowlights? is that what it'd be called?)
  5. I had my stylist do this and it turned out GREAT!!!
  6. I am growing out my highlights from my dark brown hair and I use non-permanent hair color in my natural hair color every 4 weeks. It washes out quickly, but it doesn't harm your hair by bleaching it!
  7. go to Sally's and get some Color Gems in a dark brown color, or other semi/demi permanent color, so that you can have the best of both worlds, keep your options open,and burn no bridges!

    Or ask your stylist what non-permanent color she would recommend for your particular situation.
  8. what are color gems?
  9. Color Gems is just a brand of non-permanent hair color, meaning that it looks just like permanent, but it will gradually wash out after a certain number of shampoos, so especially when we are dealing with dark colors, it's a good way to avoid locking ourselves in to waiting for dark permanent color to grow out, if we want the option of a lighter color, or even just highlights.

    If you try it and don't like it, just keep washing your hair as you normally do and don't reapply the color, and it will gently fade away!

    Color Gems is the brand my stylist recommended, and I have been very happy with it, but your stylist may have her own favorite brand!
  10. As a working stylist I can totally agree that you should drop some color on your hair to blend it in. You can use a demi-permanent color to match it up with the regrowth. It may tend to fade some over time but you can always re-apply it. Like Shimma Puff recommended a Color Gems or something of that nature. Just look for the term "Demi-Permanent" as this will only deposit the color and not lift your natural color. Opt for something that says "Natural" or "Golden" as these tonal values will give you the best results.

    Good luck!
  11. I'm sure that dying it to match the natural colour will work just fine. I've done it plenty times before, and luckily, having naturally dark hair (like you and me) helps, since it's easier to match it. Just make sure you don't get too dark a dye or it'll look fake.
  12. Thanks to ilikemike, I have learned to leave the demi and semi classification to her and her esteemed colleagues, and just say "non-permanent."

    ilikemike, I know you tried to explain the difference to to me as simply as possible, and I tried to understand it, but :shame: ... this is why you are the stylist and I am the stylee! :smile:
  13. hehe.....I'll try again....a true semi-permanent is a color that only lasts about 10 shampoos. It is the type that doesn't have a developer. Think: Jazzing or Sebastian Cellophanes. It is a gel type color that you simply put on your hair straight from the bottle.
    A Demi-permanent color will only deposit color or do "tone on tone" which would be the same level (Darkness/lightness) of color and change the tone ie. if it's golden you can add a bit of red without making it lighter. These are colors that are mixed with a 5volume developer. Think: Redken Shades EQ. They cannot make the hair lighter or remove the natural melanin.
    Does that make more sense? I always say, "sometimes I confuse myself!":roflmfao:
  14. I think I get it, finally! Thanks ilikemike! You have the patience of a saint!:heart:
  15. Glad you're pickin" up what I'm throwin' down! You're very welcome and I simply have too much time on my hands.....hahaha