in being very quick visit to H resulted very VERY BAD

  1. This morning my mom called me and asked me if I would like to go to Hermes with her at lunchtime. I quickly reaarranged my schedule to go meet her. I love to go to Hermes with my mom. She is crazy into handbags like me. We were only there for about 30 minutes but it resulted in me ordering TWO NEW BAGS!!! The bags I wanted were not in so they were going to get them from another store. Well, one was in but I wanted to see it in another color before I made my decision. I'm so excited!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I can't wait for them to get here so I can post a TON of pictures.

    Thank you everyone for enabling me and having so much knowledge. My mom was quite impressed that I knew the names of the colors and the bags. :yes:

    *Sorry for the bad title, My excitement got the best of me.
  2. we need hints!
  3. Mree, what a great way to spend the afternoon! Congrats on your new purchases, can't wait for the reveal!!
  4. I can feel your excitement! Congrats!!! Look forward to updates!!!

  5. Hints?? How about both will look fantastic with my fall wardrobe.
  6. i love it when mom and daughter share a passion for purses!

    M - how long do we have to wait now????
  7. Two bags in 30 mins! Excellent shopping - good job you weren't there for a long lunch! Congratulations - can we have a few more hints?
  8. Yes, more love in the hint department.
  9. OMG! If we have to wait for again i MIGHT die!!!:noggin::noggin:
  10. ooh, congrats!! now, do tell...
  11. Mree ~ what did you order?? What a fun shopping day with Mom.
  12. Thanks Rose, Tokyogirl, Eliselady, Oregonfanlisa, Pazt, Moviegirl325,l Laraluicine and Sus.

    Pazt-They are suppose to be here by next week but I won't be in town. I'm going to Vegas for my Twin trip.

    Moviegirl325-I shouldn't make you wait. That isn't very nice of me nor is it good for the baby.

    Hints? Ok, it's not a Birkin or a Kelly. Although we did ask about ordering a Kelly...

    Anyone wanna guess? It's not nice of me to tease with all of you,is it?
  13. I guess a Bolide and 30 cm etoupe clemence Lindy.
  14. no, wait - I change my guess. Plume and Picotin.
  15. Mree, is it a Lindy?